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  1. Nice one bro I'll be on later for the event
  2. Thankyou buddy much appreciated!
  3. That's cool bro everyone's allowed an opinion I didn't see you SS so my bad! And I meant basically as in I was a respected rank. Back then SS didn't exist that's all
  4. Actually it's completely up to the server. Please name me one SS thats promoted into mod? Yoobs - mod right away? In fact I never saw you with SS. I do not believe your bedtime story myths Jordan!! also I basically was SS in the past before you was admin my good sir nothing will happen from this anyway we both know that. My g thanks
  5. Thanks brother it means a lot! I've been aiming for it for a while but I think this is the only way he'll listen
  6. I don't see SS promotions to moderator promotions like ever. it's different commands like jail, mute, ban ect but near enough the job same. I'm not trying to jump the gun, I had respected rank before which back then, was the SS rank but I appreciate all opinions it's cool if you disagree!
  7. Thanks my guy! I Appreciate it bro!
  8. I already have I was basically already an (SS) 4 years ago (Respected rank) so Id rather go straight for moderator than SS, all good if you don't agree brother whatever your opinion may be I shall take
  9. Haha I know! Thought I gained some respect from some though it is what it is my friend! People don't realise that I'm an ex respected rank as it is why apply for ss when I can try go straight for mod Thanks my g I appreciate the support!
  10. Ite folks ima be a petty bitch now because I been playing 7 years and personally think I deserve a shot. Without being a egotistic retard or to toot my own horn but I'm a fairly known and respected guy in roatz I just think the moderator status I was ment to get years ago I deserve now:) It's cool if you think I'm a retard just say, it's mostly true & I won't get offended at any opinions:) Also FYI I made this post because I'm an ex respected rank that has been promised ss/mod over the years and never got it. not because ive been playing 7 years. i genuinely think I deserve it so here is my chance! thanks!
  11. NICE UPDATES MAN! But I would really like something that contributes to every player like Imbued heart, Staff inf runes working (steam)! keep up the good work man :)
  12. HAPPY 421 WEED SMOKERS I LOVE YOU! (Fully aware it is 420 but I was born with English sarcasm) R.I.P AVIICI! dj dies but the music goes on!
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