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Roat Pkz Username

Found 3 results

  1. Lent my Friend my Ags So i thought, why not see what i can max with dds at edge untill i die, didnt think id actually MAX Max only way to hit any higher is in stat or vesta you can hit 48 i think but they degrade and bandos is fine anyway ^ Happy Birthday @Gretar have a great day/night also, love the new updates
  2. I got 99 slayer and kept all the keys and loot for everyone to see, hopefully this will inspire people to give wilderness slayer a go and give people a rough idea on the total loot from 1-99. ::Slayer Time It Took Me: 2-3 Weeks Total Wildy Keys That I Received: (I did die a few times and lost a few keys from being AFK) Total Loot:(The Blowpipe,Rapier,Ancestral were all brought with the pkp i got from slayer the Craws Bow was Brought with Slayerpoints.) Total Slayer Points Gained:Around 6k (becuase i blocked and skipped a ton of tasks) Now i have a lot of people ask me if its better to sell the keys to Abdul in the home bank, sell them to players or open them...lets see. Abdul:We can see why hes called Abdul the Merchant we sure wont be selling them to him. Players for pricecheck price: Now i will open all the keys and post a picture of the loot. there was also 10 Fighter torso's and 11 fire capes i couldn't note them so i just put it here Total from all Keys: Slayer is well worth it its also quite fun, the only question i ask you is should i continue and go for 200M XP Opinions?
  3. SneakR

    Divine Pk

    Straight to the point @hektiik @pm2getbodied