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  1. His name is Suckie, he pouts in his irl and hes asking for photos of other men i dont think i need to say any more. Whatever floats your boat
  2. thats right you tell that dude in pms that bandos does the job heres me in bandos doing the job
  3. Hello im buying all donor points its very hard to find them please save them up and pm me when im online (nearly always) ill buy as little as 1 thanks a ton
  4. I thought the same but we had about 10 people trying for 40 minutes before the cc leader got on and we had to change it to certain ranks+ can talk to get rid of the spam Thanks Brother This too if it doesnt already work
  5. Hello, ill try and keep this short Sometimes the clan chats break and you cant kick people when they are at the top or what not(it offers to request teleport or copy kit when kick is selected, no way possible to kick them) could we have this fixed or a ::kick"name" from the clan chat command or something along these lines because when someone decides to be annoying and spam for X amount of time it Gets really REALLY frustrating and is hard to see the messages other people post especially when the ignore list is bypassed by clan chat . could we make it so that if we put a player on our ignore list we cant see the messages they post in clanchats as well as everywhere else, @Gretar
  6. SneakR

    Money Making Guide?

    blowpipe ::slayer you're set for life, you are welcome
  7. Lent my Friend my Ags So i thought, why not see what i can max with dds at edge untill i die, didnt think id actually MAX Max only way to hit any higher is in stat or vesta you can hit 48 i think but they degrade and bandos is fine anyway ^ Happy Birthday @Gretar have a great day/night also, love the new updates
  8. i was originally coming to say we should add corp and zurah untill i realised once again like i do everytime i think that, that it is "Wildy" slayer even thouh they would be supeeeer nice on the slayer list i think its too safe >.<
  9. Hey Would be a Cool idea to add Roatpkz Champ to bosses that could be assigned as a slayer task he is a boss in the [email protected] would also be cool to see things like hill giants and fire giants added to the wildy slay task list it would make the little dungeon just a bit south west of ::mb more active hopefully making mage bank more active Another interesting idea could be to add other random things to the slayer list to pop up the amount of activity pvming/pking that happens in certain areas like the battle mages at mage bank as a slayer task, wolves as they are near agility course and chaos ele could bring more people closer to demonics , zombies to bring ::graves back to life? maybe open the wilderness gwd and add some stuff in there for tasks aviansies, spiritual creatures slayer just needs a little more variety in my opinion and the spawn rate for superiors isnt the greatest and imo they should have a chance at dropping loot such as imbued heart or salve or something very rare these are just some ideas i thought of opinions?
  10. Yesssss brooo! Now im not the only person to get smited by Willis, im just the only person to get smited everytime i fight Willis Haaaaa :D
  11. they out there they killed me twice in a week the other week nice video though bro was entertaining to watch unlike a lot of stuff that gets posted nowadays
  12. Straight to the point @hektiik @pm2getbodied
  13. The "GOATS" face when he realised he had been frozen in multi @Khalil
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