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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys Akash here, I recently got 500 Kills and YouTuber rank as well, huge thank you to @John @Smackd @[email protected](killbulb the memer) @Jblind @Terzey @Mike @k0ntv0cht @KushPk @Albert and @Gretar for all the support, Sorry if i forgot your name but it really means a lot to me to make YouTube videos, and it makes the server all the more enjoyable. Next goal will be 1,000 Kills, and I will also be starting a series soon called "Road To Max Cape", stay tuned friends!
  2. Hey guys Akash here with another video, this is a staking video(I DO NOT CONDONE STAKING OR SUPPORT IT, I ONLY DID IT BECAUSE I WAS ANNOYED BY MY RNG WHILST RISKING AND LOSING 4 AGS RISKFIGHTS IN A ROW WHICH RESULTED IN THIS VIDEO). Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow's video as it is special and have worked VERY hard on it, and sincerely hope you guys will enjoy that as well! Rules for the Giveaway: Like the video, Leave a funny comment while leaving your IGN of course, and subscribe to my channel! Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw Winner will be chosen tomorrow, will be recorded as well so you guys don't think I'm lying! What I'm giving away: Vesta Set.
  3. Hey guys I worked very hard on this video to bring to you guys on my birthday, hopefully you guys enjoy and the giveaway video is seperate because it looked really bad when I tried to combine the two, hope you enjoy! Sub to me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw
  4. Akash


    check this out @Smackd @Gretar @JBLIND™ @Killbob @Elizathepat (2) @Terzey @Pedro @viva smackd
  5. Hey guys, hopefully you enjoy this video, a bit depressing because of the deaths but figured I would change it up a bit.
  6. Hey guys I'm starting a new series on the server and hopefully you guys enjoy. I will be trying out different variations as the episodes progress such as dharoks pking, bridding, nhing, wildy pking, and pure pking, so be on the look out! If you want to skip intro, pking begins at: 0:55
  7. Hey guys Akash here with a new PK Video, I apologize if this one isn't the best of quality because I lost 19 really good clips the other day by accident, and since I cannot talk yet I've decided to upload a Pk Video for you guys. Hope you enjoy, and watch in 720p.
  8. Hey guys since the server recently got a new client maybe it would be interesting to add elder maul, twisted bow, and the big shield (sorry idk the name of it) from raids into mage arena point shop, or into vote shop because 3a bow is already there along with wand and it would be pretty interesting to pk with those items, and addition to that maybe ancestral robes could be added to vote shop or if castle wars ever does get reopened after all the client fixes then it could be added into the cw shop instead. Also I was talking to a friend of mine @Ahmash and I heard that there aren't too many clans on here or multi pking, maybe sometime in the future if clan wars was added then it would be a great way for people to join teams and pk, it would kind of be like the tournament worlds on 07 where you log in and get what gear you want and fight against a certain team, it would also benefit the server cause it would give players incentive to pk more, and just all together a new minigame just for pking you know? Also if it is added maybe there could be a shop for the Clan wars team that wins like a certain amount of pkp, or points which can be used in a shop. Sorry im pretty new and don't know much about the server yet but I think this would be pretty interesting and bring a lot of content and new players also!
  9. Hey guys before I start off I would like to give a huge shoutout to every single person who's helped me out thus far, @Smackd, @Ahmash, @Ocbpapz, @Kush Pk, @terzey, @Albert, @Ismokepurp. Thanks to every single one of you, and also a HUGE thank you to @Ahmash for giving me a Super Donor Ticket which has tons of benefits which is gonna bring out ton of content as well. Huge thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry if I didn't place your name here but thank you, even to @pedro @Smokeymontana @kinglee @terzey and others for the tips and advice to help make better videos and continued support! But nonetheless, it's Akash with a new Pk Commentary, watch in 720p or 1080p and I hope you enjoy! P.S watch to the end because it's also a life update as well! (Regarding why I won't be on as much the next few days and won't be able to upload either because of my wisdom teeth surgery).
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