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Youtuber Rank Application Format

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To receive the  MODICONS 8.png YouTube or MODICONS 117.png Twitch rank in-game you must qualify under either of the options below.

MODICONS 8.png Youtube Rank Requirements MODICONS 8.png
Option 1. You have a small YouTube channel or are just starting out
- You must've uploaded at least 2-4 (depending on quality) Roat Pkz videos in the past month.

Option 2. You have an established YouTube channel. (ca 250+ views per vid, upload more than 2-3 vids per month)
- You have a rather popular YouTube channel with RSPS or OSRS related YouTube videos.
- You've uploaded at least 1 Roat Pkz video in the last month.
- These will be reviewed on a case to case basis, no specific sub count or view count is needed.

YouTube videos requirement - (requirement for every Roat Pkz Video) - (no payment if it doesn't follow everything below).
- The video must be public on YouTube not unlisted.
- The video must include a link to http://roatpkz.com.
- The video must be in 720p or highest resolution.

Requirements to keep the YouTube Rank.
- Upload at least 2 Roat Pkz Videos per month.

Payments For YouTube Rank.
- You will get paid up to 5K per video capped at 30K per month.
- Payments are based on quality, views and time put into the video.


MODICONS 117.png Twitch Rank Requirements MODICONS 117.png
Option 1. You must have a Twitch channel and be an active streamer
- You must have a Twitch Channel and be streaming Roat Pkz at least 2-3x per week.

Requirements to keep the Twitch Rank.
- Keep streaming at least 2-3x per week.

Payments For Twitch Rank.
- You will get paid from staff members while streaming, please contact a staff member for payments (usually around 2-10k+ PKP for content, depends on viewership).

Please follow the format below to apply for the MODICONS 8.png YouTube or MODICONS 117.png Twitch. Apply Here!


In-game Name:
Rank your applying for (YouTube or Twitch): 
Youtube/Twitch Channel (URL):
Why should we pick you ?: 

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I have removed all old YouTube applications. If you had an open application you will need to re-apply with the correct format shown above, along with meeting one of the two requirement options above. 

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