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  1. Note: Applications will only be open for 24 hours! We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 60+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
  2. Roat Pkz Christmas Event 2021! Hello everyone! hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a great new year, I've added a nice Christmas event in-game to celebrate. I will explain how it works below! Festive Home Area Ho ho ho, welcome to our new home area - you can have snowball fights! The Christmas Event! The Christmas event can be started by talking with Santa at ::XMAS! Santa will tell you to kill the Ice Trolls south of 44 Portals (::44) (Although the area is singles, the Ice Trolls are non-aggressive, so it's possible to PK there) You receive Troll Tokens from the Ice Trolls (You also receive them from PvP kills, although in smaller amounts) You can then spend the Troll Tokens on the Present Table at ::xmas! Christmas Treasures The main rewards from the Troll Tokens are the Christmas Treasures they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium & BIG! The Big one is the best and includes a Limited Edition Ice Troll Pet (100K value - tradeable) The Big Christmas Treasure Spinner! (5 - 100K) Ice Troll Pet From the Big Christmas Treasure you can receive a Ice Troll Pet, the pet is tradeablea and has a value of 100,000 PKP. It is a 2021 Christmas event exclusive, therefore once the event is over, there won't be any more Ice Trolls entering the game or the world hopefully. Thanks and more to come
  3. Will be improved, sorry about that fella
  4. Roat Pkz - The Great Olm! Hello everyone, today we have a VERY exciting update that has been in the works for the past month. We're releasing Raids, particularly the final boss in the Chambers of Xeric, known as The Great Olm! This is without a doubt the largest PvM addition to the game and loads of fun for multiple players. I'll explain it better in detail below. The Chambers - ::RAIDS! You can teleport to the Chambers of Xeric using the ::raids command. The Chambers of Xeric on Roat Pkz only contain the final boss, known as The Great Olm, this allows everyone to participate without needing any kind of skilling level requirements. Raid Hiscores You can use the hiscores at ::raids to keep track of your and other players progress! A sneak preview of the hiscores! I'll see you guys in the cave! Chambers of Xeric Drop Rates: There are two drop tables UNIQUE and DEFAULT (You can see the list of items in either via ::droptable). For every 3,000 Points you receive, you have a +1% (changes based on Donator Rank) chance of landing on the UNIQUE drop table. Meaning if you solo a normal raid without dying you would receive 32,000-ish points (7.5 per hit) or a 10% chance of landing on the UNIQUE drop table. Donators do get a drop boost here, Normal Player: 1% - Donator: 1.1% - Super: 1.2% - Extreme: 1.3% - Legendary: 1.4%. Twisted Bow, Rigour & Augury prayers have a drop rate of 1/512 from the UNIQUE table. This means that a solo-olm kill without dying would give you a drop rate of 1/5120 for each of those items (as a normal player). As an example, if you were a Legendary Donator and solo-killed the olm without dying, your Twisted Bow drop rate would be 512 * (100/(1.4 * 10)) = 1/3657 - instead of 1/5120 as a non-donator. You will always receive a drop from the DEFAULT drop table as long as you have over 3,000 Points, every 300 points above that gives you a +1% chance of receiving another DEFAULT drop from the table. The Olmlet pet is only rolled if you land on a purple chest (unique drop), and then the drop rate is 1/65, so in theory, it's roughly 1/650 raids. The Metamorphic Dust is only dropped if you finish a raid in Challenge mode, the drop rate is always 1/400 there (can be obtained without a purple chest). Release Rewards (time based competitions end Jan 14) First Twisted Bow drop: You will receive another Twisted Bow in-game! (PAID: A PIXEL V1) First Olmlet pet drop: 500K Pk Points! (PAID: RECAS) First to use Metamorphis dust on Olmlet pet: 500K Pk Points! (PAID: SPARC MAC AL) First to complete 500 Solo Chambers of Xeric (normal): 250M OSRS! (PAID: TULRAK) First to complete 1,000 Solo Chambers of Xeric (normal): 250M OSRS! First to complete 250 Solo Chambers of Xeric (challenge): 250M OSRS! First to complete 500 Solo Chambers of Xeric (challenge): 250M OSRS! First to complete 500 Trio+ Chambers of Xeric (normal) (split-if-equal)*: 200M OSRS! First to complete 250 Trio+ Chambers of Xeric (challenge) (split-if-equal)*: 200M OSRS! Fastest solo Chambers of Xeric completion (normal): 150M OSRS! (PAID: DEATH DREAM) Fastest solo Chambers of Xeric completion (challenge): 150M OSRS! Fastest Trio+ Chambers of Xeric completion (normal): 150M OSRS! (50M/ea): (PAID TO: LIN MING, ANGELUCIFER, NECROFEAR PB) Fastest Trio+ Chambers of Xeric completion (challenge): 150M OSRS! (50M/ea): (PAID TO: NEW SHELL, ANGELUCIFER, NW PHOENIX) * Must be in the same bracket, such as 500 Trio kills, not 200 Trio and 300 five player raids NOTE: Account sharing will not be allowed for this competition, we will check if you were sharing account access during your raid runs, if so, you will be disqualified and not paid out. RELEASE DATE: WEDNESDAY, 22 DECEMBER - 12:00 SERVER TIME Click here for a release countdown!
  5. Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS! Thanks to everyone for participating, here are the winners! To claim your winnings, please join our discord at http://discord.roatpkz.com/ and PM Gretar#0001 1. TIRADORES - $200 CREDIT OR 200M OSRS (PAID) 2. KHALED X ARUN - $150 CREDIT OR 150M OSRS (PAID) 3. KATEE - $100 CREDIT OR 100M OSRS (PAID) 4. SWAB - $75 CREDIT OR 75M OSRS 5. VPVP - $50 OR 50M OSRS Honorable mentions Thank you all for participating, hopefully we can do more of those soon - sorry for the late results - will be faster next time!
  6. I don't plan to accept PayPal anytime soon, the main reason is due to the amount of fraud that goes through PayPal. If we ever do, we'd have to do photo id + phone verification, which I don't think majority of people would want to go through. I wanted to support many other coins but unfortunately the setup we're using doesn't support that many, there are many places where you can exchange your coins though.
  7. Roat Pkz now accepts Cryptocurrencies! Hi, just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we now officially accept cryptocurrencies as payment. You can view the options at checkout here. We currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin, DOGE & Monero. Thanks, The Roat Pkz Team
  8. Happy Halloween! Hello everyone! hope you all have a fantastic Halloween. The Halloween update is a bit earlier than usual this year but I hope you guys enjoy it! Spooky Death Monster To begin the 2021 Halloween event you must speak to the spooky guy at ::hween (he will also show up when you die in the wilderness ) The Death npc will tell you to teleport to ::graves, in there you must dig up monsters! When the scary monsters show up, you must kill them! You receive Undead Tokens from the monsters (You also receive them from PvP kills, although in smaller amounts) You can then spend the Undead Tokens with Death at ::hween! Undead Halloween Caskets The main rewards from the Undead Tokens are the Undead Caskets, they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium & LARGE! The Large one is the best and includes a Limited Edition Halloween Pet (100K value - tradeable). The Large Halloween Box Spinner! (5 - 100K) Halloween Event Pet From the Large Halloween box you can receive a Pet Undead Ghost, the pet is tradeable and has a value of 100,000 PKP. It can metamorphosis into 3 shapes! It is a 2021 Halloween event exclusive, therefore once the event is over, there won't be any more pets entering the game. Large Undead Ghost As an extra event, every 3 hours a Large Undead Ghost will spawn in a random location in the wilderness. The Ghost itself will have 10,000 HP and drop around 200,000 Undead Tokens in total. Keep an eye on that! Thanks and more to come
  9. As the YouTube scene is growing, a lot of players have had a lot of questions about the YouTuber rank and its benefits, I'll list them all below and explain how you can obtain it. Rank Requirements (2 ways to receive rank): Option #1 - You have a new or a small Youtube channel which you are just starting out You must have updated at least 3 Roat Pkz related videos in the past 2 months. Option #2 - You have an established Youtube channel (average around 250+ views per video, and aim to upload 2+ videos per month). You have a rather popular YouTube channel with OSRS/RSPS related Youtube videos. You have uploaded at least 1 Roat Pkz video in the last month. This will be reviewed on a case to case basis, no specific sub count or view count is needed for this option. Roat Pkz Video Requirements (no payment if not followed): The video must be public on YouTube not unlisted. The video must include a link to https://roatpkz.com/ The video must be in 720p or the highest resolution possible. Video must be in good quality content-wise (no bandicam banners and other water marks) In order to keep your Youtube Rank you would be required to upload at least 1 Roat Pkz Video every 4 weeks! YouTuber Rank Benefits Access to the ::YouTube one in-game. With your rank, you can send items directly to other players' banks by using an item on the bank at the zone. This can help when hosting Live Stream giveaways! Permission to use the YouTube Giveaway system to promote your videos and host guaranteed payout giveaways. You can read more about the system here. Alternatively, you can view it at ::giveaway. Automatically get paid for every video, we currently have a program running that goes over your YouTube videos and gives you an automatic payment 1 week after upload, the payment amount depends on the number of views, comments & likes the video received. A personalized command that re-directs to your latest YouTube video (::my-yt). (This is only available to individuals that reach 300+ views, 30+ likes, and 30+ comments on 3 Roat Pkz videos or have an established channel) Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) How do I get paid for being a Youtuber? You are automatically paid Pk Points for the videos which you upload onto your Youtube channel. You get paid 1 week after the video has been uploaded, the funds will be added straight to your Roat Pkz bank. The payment ranges from 1,000 -> 30,000 Pk Points. Why did I lose my rank, and how can I get this back again? You either privated/unlisted your latest Roat Pkz video or have not uploaded a Roat Pkz video within the past 28 days. You can get your rank back automatically within 24 hours by uploading a new Roat Pkz video (the server goes over videos at 19:15 server time), if for whatever reason this does not work feel free to apply again by clicking here How can I receive a YouTuber Infernal Cape or a Custom Command? To receive both the YouTuber Infernal cape or a custom command (::my-yt). You must have at least 3 Roat Pkz videos on your channel that have 300+ views, 30+ likes and 30+ comments each. Feel free to contact Baz (Baz#5941) to receive the cape. Can I get paid real money or OSRS GP for making videos? We are always on the lookout for content creators who provide good quality videos/streams, and are consistent. If we like what you produce, we will reach out to you to see how we can collaborate together. If we haven't reached out to you yet and you feel as if you deserve compensation in OSRS GP, feel free to contact Baz (Baz#5941). Application Format: CLICK HERE to submit your YouTube application!
  10. Note: Applications will only be open for 24 hours! We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 60+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
  11. Roat Pkz Updates! Hello friends, today we have a very exciting update for the Clan community on Roat Pkz. As many of you know the clan scene has always been popular with a lot of competition - today we bring in updates that can help bring the clan closer together and become mutually beneficial. New Clan Area At Home! There's now a designated area at home for clans, you can visit it with ::recruit. You can access the Clan Recruitment + Clan Vault + Clan Perks there! Clan Recruitment System! We have now added a Clan Recruitment system in-game. You can publicly list your clan on our interface 24/7. The Gold/Silver & Bronze spots are auctioned off every day (starting at 1K PKP). You can link a clan recruitment thread to your clan and allow players to apply! (clan recruitments) (we allow guests to post in that section now). The 'Other Clans' are sorted by the amount of Clan Perks currently active. A quick look into the auction system, you can see the current bid and who has it. You can fully customize how your clan is displayed in the interface, even Clan Co-Owners can edit it! New Clan Vault! A brand new Clan Vault system has been added in-game. It allows everyone in the Clan Chat to contribute Pk Points towards the clan. The Pk Points can ONLY be spent on Clan Perks + Clan Recruitment Promotion Slots. Clan Owners can never take money out of the vault! Here is a little snapshot of the Clan Vault System. Looking at the Clan Vault Interface, you can access this with ::vault or via the Clan Chat tab. You can add Pk Points to it by adding directly Pk Points or by adding items (at 100% valuation!!) There is also a hiscore chart to keep track of who is adding the most amount of Pk Points into the vault. Clan Perks! If you select 'Clan Perks' in the interface, you'll be brought into the Clan Perks interface. These are in-game perks that you can purchase for the WHOLE CLAN. Everyone can purchase perks for the whole clan using their own Pk Points and the Clan Owners can use the Vault to purchase perks. You can purchase them for 1, 4, 12, or 24 hours! Every hour you purchase stacks on the current amount. The Perk Hour Selection, the more hours you purchase, the more money you save! Bulk Perks! There are two bulk perks that you can purchase - these perks unlock every perk or every skilling perk - these will save you lots of money! PvP Perks! We currently have 4 PvP perks, these are all nice QOL features that won't directly affect your PvP performance. PvM Perks! We currently have 3 PvM perks, these are all neat features that any clan would enjoy having! Misc Perks! We currently have 7 Misc perks, most of these are wilderness related but they're all a great addition for any clan player. Skilling Perks! We have 10% XP boosts for every skill in-game, of course that will expand as we add more skills in-game. Clan Spots Reduced to 50/50 We have now reduced the amount of players per clan chat to 50 (down from 100). The reason for this being is to encourage more competition in the wilderness and so we could price clan perks fairly (if we had 100 slot limit, every clan perk price would have to be double). What happens when you try to join a full clan? We added a cool little feature in-game, when you attempt to join a full clan chat - the server will automatically kick a lower ranked player to make space for you (another perk for highly ranked players in the clan). It will not kick anyone that's currently in a PvP Zone or a Mini-Game. Other Updates: - Fixed a skulltricking bug. - Fixed an issue where a tile was PvP zone at Ferox. - New events cc for staff hosted events. Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions please let me know!
  12. Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that we've updated our forum software to the latest version and added a new theme to it, it's very similar to the old one to keep that Roat Pkz feel, but it's more compact. If you run into any issues, please let me know! Thank you for reading fellas.
  13. Roat Pkz Updates! Hello friends, today we have a very exciting update - involving the new Ferox Enclave and a Slayer Expansion, ever since Slayer was released in 2019 it hasn't changed much, however today we're adding a bunch of new things to it to spice it up a bit! Ferox Enclave! (::ferox) The ferox enclave has been added in-game! It's a town in the middle of wilderness (level 13). You can teleport there using ::ferox. You will not be able to enter the ferox enclave if you're teleblocked. Last Man Standing (::LMS) Last Man Standing has now been moved inside the Ferox enclave. We have also upgraded the LMS crate loot table to reflect OSRS (Volatile, Ancestral hat + DH full). The chest issue has also been fixed from the previous update. Bounty Hunter Hats! You can now purchase Bounty Hunter hats in the Ferox Enclave - Just trade Ferox inside the church at ::ferox! You must have a certain amount of kills to equip each hat! Slayer Expansion! We've made some changes to Slayer and added some new cool features and items. I will list them all below! Slayer Cave (::sc) A new Slayer Cave has been added in-game! You can access it from 2 entrances in the wilderness, level 13 wild (::sc) or at level 30 wilderness. We have added almost every Slayer Monster on Roat Pkz in the cave. New Slayer Teleports! You can now select which monster you'd like to teleport to when teleporting to your Slayer Task New Slayer Helmets! We have added 3 new Slayer Helms in-game to the Slayer Shop. They all have their own kill count & Slayer level requirements. You can take a look at them at ::Slayer. Tztok Slayer Helmet - 500,000 Pk Points! Vampyric Slayer Helmet - 750,000 Pk Points! Tzkal Slayer Helmet - 1,000,000 Pk Points! You can only purchase them if you have all the requirements - Good Luck! All effects of the Enchanted Gem have been implemented into all Slayer Helms! Bracelet of Slaughter! (30 charges) The Bracelet of Slaughter has been added to the Slayer Shop for 10 Slayer Points. The bracelet has a 25% chance for a Slayer Task kill to not count as a kill towards it. Basically extending the length of your Slayer Task. Expeditious Bracelet! (30 charges) The Expeditious bracelet has been added to the Slayer Shop for 10 Slayer Points. The bracelet has a 25% chance for a Slayer Task kill to count as TWO kills. Basically reducing the length of your Slayer Task. Slayer Ring (10% XP)! We've added a brand new Slayer Ring in-game. It's a rare drop from a Slayer Task monster. 1/5,000 for every monster. It is untradeable and never lost on death - it provides you with 10% Slayer XP boost while worn (kill + task). It also automatically adds your Larran's key drops to your inventory. Larran's Key! The old Slayer Key has now been replaced with Larran's key. The new Larran's key loot is around 3 times better than the old Slayer Key, the key is stackable but lost upon death (even if unskulled). It can be opened. The chest is located in two places, in the deep wilderness and at level 18 wilderness (next to Hill Giants, multi). The deep wilderness chest gives you 3 reward items, while the lower wilderness one only has two. Clan Warfare Changes! Clan Warfare has always had the potential to be a great event, although for the past months the event has been dominated by a single clan, leaving others with little chance to win, we're making a few changes to the event in an attempt to restore activity to that event. We started by adding 3 new locations: Varrock, Slayer Cave & Revenant Caves! Direct Teleport A direct teleport has been added to the clan warfare event, you can now teleport there with ::warfare! Teleport Immunity You are now immune from PvP attacks for 8 seconds after teleporting to the event, prevent you to get slapped the tick you appear at the event and allowing you to get ready. Point System (killstreaks) The event is now based on points instead of kills, just like the bloodlust event - when you receive a kill your number goes up, if you kill someone with a high number = more points. Player Indicators! You can now enable player indicators above player heads in the Quest Tab -> Settings! Other Updates: - Most teleport tabs in-game now work. - Most teleport jewelry in-game is now working properly. - Some multi lines in deep wild have been fixed. - New LMS Chest Items have been added. - Magic Splash will no longer toggle redemption prayer. The PID Swap is now every 100-120 ticks instead. Thanks for reading, we have a lot more in the works!
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