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  1. Donation Credits Guide Donation Credits is a new item in-game that can be purchased from the donation website for $1 USD each. It's tradeable and can be easily sold or gambled. FAQ How do I buy credits? - You can purchase credits on the donation page or buy them from other players in-game. How do I spend the credits? - You can spend the credits on the donation page and select "Game Credits" during checkout. Click here to see a video of it in action. Do I get money added to my donation total in-game when BUYING credits? - No, when you purchase credits from the donation website, your total donated does not go up. Do I get money added to my donation total in-game when SPENDING credits? - Yes! When you spend credits on the donation page, your total donated goes up. That's one of the reasons why the credits are so desirable. Can I purchase Donation Credits for Donation Credits? - No, you can only purchase donation credits on the website using PayPal, Credit Card or Crypto. The site wont let you checkout with credits in your cart if you select the "Game Credits" payment method in checkout. How do the credits work with decimal numbers? - When you purchase something for $3.32 you will be forced to spend 4 credits. The cart number always rounds up. What the credit looks like in-game A simple redeem interface in-game.
  2. Roat Pkz Update! Hi everyone, today I am happy to announce one of the biggest updates in Roat Pkz history! Many of you have been waiting for this update for some time and it is with great pleasure that I finally get to release it. We’ve decided to go all out on this one and cover a range of different aspects and without further ado let’s get started. New Home Area! As our previous Home Area was a little dull, we’re happy to introduce you guys to our new Home Area! - Re-designed from scratch - LMS moved to Home Area - More combat dummies - More health pools (new healthbox) - AFK Skilling Zone added to the southeast of home. (Read more below.) New PvP Crates! New PvP crates that will replace the old PvP Keys. You will be able to receive these the same way as before, but will be more rewarding! Making PvP a better money maker for everyone in-game. - Crates are a new random drop from PvP. - Rewards are 5-10x times better than the old PvP Keys. - Makes PvP a great money maker. - 1X & 2X variants can be earned via the Crate Frenzy event! (1X & 2X crates are ALWAYS lost on death). - New Crate added, Mythical, which will be extremely rare to receive! Rewards from a Mythical Crate - Check out every Crates via ::crates! New Crate Frenzy Event! A new Crate Frenzy event will start in the wilderness every few hours (::events). You can go there to loot crates, or Double & Upgrade your current crates! This event will replace Deadman’s Chest. Double Crate When doubling a crate you have a 50% chance of DOUBLING (2X) your crate! If you fail to double it, no worries, you still get a 1X Crate and nothing is lost. However the 1X and 2X crates are ALWAYS LOST ON DEATH! Upgrade Crate When upgrading a Crate, you have a certain percentage (based on crate) to either upgrade your crate or lose it! New AFK Skilling! You can now train at ::afk-skilling while doing nothing! The kingdom is open to anyone that has voted in the past 24 hours. The EXP rates scales based on your level and are roughly 1 / 8 of normal EXP rates. You earn AFK-Tokens during your session that you can spend in the AFK Skilling Shop, so head over there to check it out! New Loot Keys As another part of the update, we can gladly announce Loot Keys being a part of it! You will be able to find Skully at ::home read to take your keys! Loot Keys are disabled by default, but you can enable them by talking with Skully. Loot Keys are ALWAYS lost on death. The Loot Key interface will show you Who dropped the key, When & Where! You can configure the loot key as you please. New Well of Goodwill! One of the more anticipated updates on this list is the well of Goodwill! Generous & rich players of the game can now reward the whole server with server-wide events! Ranging from 1-24 hours. New GWD Agility Shortcuts! You will now be able to use the shortcuts in Wilderness Godwars Dungeon. Wilderness Godwars Dungeon is located east of ::cemetery. The boulder can be moved by anyone! The wall requires a level of 60 Agility to be used! New HP Event Mechanics! The HP Events have been spiced up a bit with a few dangerous lightning strikes, so be aware! HP Events will throw out PvP Crates randomly, so if you want to get ahold of some, check out the next HP Event! New Bounty Hunter Tiers! As the game grows so does the strive for challenge. You can now upgrade your bounty hunter tiers all the way to tier 15! New Yell Chat Rules! - No usage of ethnic or religious slurs, such as the n-word with a hard R. - No usage of personal first/last names unless that’s the player's in-game name. - No usage of personal information, such as addresses, family members, numbers, IP addresses, better known as doxing. - No usage of trauma words, such as rape, hangings or mentions of killing someone outside of the game. - No unnecessarily repetitive usage of curse words. - No excessive hatred towards a specific group of people. Clan Chat Improvements! The Clan Chat has received some improvements, check out below! - You can now see each other locations as Friend+ (no rank required) - You can now auto-kick AFK members in your clan chat. - You can now remove players from a clan chat without blocking them from re-joining in the next 30 minutes. - Everyone with powers to rank/kick can now kick ranked members with a lower rank than themselves. New Clan AFK Settings added. New clan icons added for kills, deaths & loot. Lottery Statistics You can now see how much you’ve put in & won from the lottery. You can also now view who won the largest lottery in Roat Pkz History! Vote Streak - XP Boost! You now receive a 1% vote bonus for every day you've voted in a row, this stacks up to 50 days maximum (50%). New Clan Rule for Mods+ We have decided to force all staff members to retire from their involvement with any Clan PKing activities. This is not due to any specific abuse but due to the enormous amount of paranoia that comes around knowing you're up against staff members. In simple terms - I think everyone can agree that they would not want to play any sport, where the referee is on the other team, no matter if he abuses his role or not, it's very off-putting. This rule only applies to people with a higher role than Senior Support. New Staff Roles Introduced! We just introduced a few more staff roles, mostly senior roles that show more appreciation towards staff members with more experience. Our active roles from now on are: Owner Senior Administrator Administrator Community Manager Account Supporter Senior Moderator Moderator Senior Server Supporter Server Supporter Loot Item Images You can now enable loot item images in the Quest Tab > settings > loot item images. This makes it easier to navigate through loot and is visually pleasing. Other Minor Updates - Piles has been added to the woodcutting zone at level 13 wilderness. - Wilderness Key event has now been re-named to Wilderness Chest event. - Hybrid/NH Duel Arena go to a special Arena where you can not see other players that are concurrently fighting in it. - Base PKP Per Kill has been raised significantly. - Voting now gives you an additional +100 Pk Points per kill for 1 hour. - Collection log has been made more visually pleasing with icons. - Each bank tab now shows their individual valuation. - Skill Boost scroll now stops draining of all skill levels for an hour, so you keep the +25 for an hour. - Gambling Statistics now show values in K & M valuations - Fixed a visual bug that would make trees seem stretched out. Thank you for reading - and way more in the works!
  3. Note: Applications will only be open for 24 hours! We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 60+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
  4. CLICK HERE FOR AN UPDATE COUNTDOWN! Roat Pkz Nex Update! Hi friends, today I am happy to announce that the great Nex boss is arriving to Roat Pkz. A lot of you have been asking for this for a while and it's finally here! We've decided to put the ultimate challenge in the wilderness to make it even more challenging. Nex Boss! The Nex boss will be available in 2 wilderness locations, one in multi combat and another one single combat. Both of them have the same drop table, and same attacks (final nex phase). Keep in mind that the Nex boss is extremely difficult to challenge and it's levels (excluding hitpoints) raise based on the total number of attackers. There will be semi-direct teleports to the boss via the Teleport Wizard. Nex Drop Table! The Nex drop table includes the new Torva Armour, Zaryte Crossbow, Ancient Godsword & Zaryte vambraces - the full drop table & drop rates will be viewable upon release You will receive a hidden 20% drop boost if you're skulled while killing Nex! ---------------------------- I've kept this update post pretty vague on purpose, I hope you guys are as excited for this update as I am! CHECK OUT THIS BIG RELEASE DAY CONTEST!
  5. Payments completed & bonds added to accounts. Good luck to everyone with future awards!
  6. Everyone I’m aware of has been paid for the Raid competition - if you achieved any of them and haven’t been paid - DM me on Discord Gretar#0001. I had someone complain that he should get paid for things he didn’t complete because “no one will catch me and I will get it either way so just pay me now”, which we obviously wont - perhaps that’s where that rumor stems from.
  7. UPDATE US NOW LIVE!!! Roat Pkz Updates! Hello fellas, today we have some very exciting things to share! We're going to be implementing some new game modes along with Starter Kits + new monster hiscores! This new game mode also sets up the base to implement other game modes such as Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Group Ironman, Hardcore Group Ironman. Hardcore PvP Game Mode! Hardcore PvP is the first unique game mode to Roat Pkz! This game mode is for the ultimate PKer - You only have ONE life! There are a few rules for this game mode which I will list below. Once you die your account transforms into a normal player and you can continue playing. * YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE * * YOU ARE ALWAYS SKULLED * * YOU CAN NOT USE PROTECT ITEM PRAYER * * YOU CAN NOT JOIN CLAN CHATS * (You can still trade/gamble like the normal game mode) Thanks to @Smackd for the game mode idea. You can spot Hardcore PvP Players based on their unique skull - which is always visible Hardcore PvP - Wilderness Skilling Only! Hardcore PvP players can only skill in the wilderness (excluding Agility). We've added a few rocks, stalls and trees in the wilderness to make this easier. Hardcore PvP Release Rewards (1,125M OSRS) - First Three Players To 50 KS: 50M OSRS (ea) - PAID: RANDOM81, SUPREMO HC, F1SHING - First Three Players To 100 KS: 75M OSRS (ea) - PAID F1SHING, SIT DOWN G, DDOSED IN TS - First Three Players To 250 KS: 100M OSRS (ea) - PAID: F1SHING, WOLF - First Two Players To 500 KS: 125M OSRS (ea) - PAID: WOLF - First Player To 1,000 KS: 200M OSRS (ea) one player can win multiple rewards - any cheating will make you disqualified - all kills will be checked before awarding New 100+ Killstreak Skull! Every player that reaches a 100+ Killstreak can now stand out from the rest with a unique Gold Skull! New Starter Kits + Items! You can now select from SIX unique Starter Kits when creating a new account - these kits will help every new player get started. The kits usually contain around 5K PKP worth of items that you can keep along with a Starter Abyssal Tentacle (1,000 hits) + Starter Armadyl Godsword (50 hits). The starter kits are capped at 2 claims per month, per IP & Computer. Any abuse will result in a ban. Hiscores Revamped (Monster Kills Added)! Hiscores have been rewritten back from scratch to allow for multiple game modes and more unique rankings. We've now added Hardcore PvP Game Mode to hiscores along with all Monster Kills hiscores. Thank you for reading, a lot of dope updates on the way!
  8. Note: Applications will only be open for 24 hours! We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 60+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
  9. Roat Pkz Christmas Event 2021! Hello everyone! hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a great new year, I've added a nice Christmas event in-game to celebrate. I will explain how it works below! Festive Home Area Ho ho ho, welcome to our new home area - you can have snowball fights! The Christmas Event! The Christmas event can be started by talking with Santa at ::XMAS! Santa will tell you to kill the Ice Trolls south of 44 Portals (::44) (Although the area is singles, the Ice Trolls are non-aggressive, so it's possible to PK there) You receive Troll Tokens from the Ice Trolls (You also receive them from PvP kills, although in smaller amounts) You can then spend the Troll Tokens on the Present Table at ::xmas! Christmas Treasures The main rewards from the Troll Tokens are the Christmas Treasures they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium & BIG! The Big one is the best and includes a Limited Edition Ice Troll Pet (100K value - tradeable) The Big Christmas Treasure Spinner! (5 - 100K) Ice Troll Pet From the Big Christmas Treasure you can receive a Ice Troll Pet, the pet is tradeablea and has a value of 100,000 PKP. It is a 2021 Christmas event exclusive, therefore once the event is over, there won't be any more Ice Trolls entering the game or the world hopefully. Thanks and more to come
  10. Will be improved, sorry about that fella
  11. Roat Pkz - The Great Olm! Hello everyone, today we have a VERY exciting update that has been in the works for the past month. We're releasing Raids, particularly the final boss in the Chambers of Xeric, known as The Great Olm! This is without a doubt the largest PvM addition to the game and loads of fun for multiple players. I'll explain it better in detail below. The Chambers - ::RAIDS! You can teleport to the Chambers of Xeric using the ::raids command. The Chambers of Xeric on Roat Pkz only contain the final boss, known as The Great Olm, this allows everyone to participate without needing any kind of skilling level requirements. Raid Hiscores You can use the hiscores at ::raids to keep track of your and other players progress! A sneak preview of the hiscores! I'll see you guys in the cave! Chambers of Xeric Drop Rates: There are two drop tables UNIQUE and DEFAULT (You can see the list of items in either via ::droptable). For every 3,000 Points you receive, you have a +1% (changes based on Donator Rank) chance of landing on the UNIQUE drop table. Meaning if you solo a normal raid without dying you would receive 32,000-ish points (7.5 per hit) or a 10% chance of landing on the UNIQUE drop table. Donators do get a drop boost here, Normal Player: 1% - Donator: 1.1% - Super: 1.2% - Extreme: 1.3% - Legendary: 1.4%. Twisted Bow, Rigour & Augury prayers have a drop rate of 1/512 from the UNIQUE table. This means that a solo-olm kill without dying would give you a drop rate of 1/5120 for each of those items (as a normal player). As an example, if you were a Legendary Donator and solo-killed the olm without dying, your Twisted Bow drop rate would be 512 * (100/(1.4 * 10)) = 1/3657 - instead of 1/5120 as a non-donator. You will always receive a drop from the DEFAULT drop table as long as you have over 3,000 Points, every 300 points above that gives you a +1% chance of receiving another DEFAULT drop from the table. The Olmlet pet is only rolled if you land on a purple chest (unique drop), and then the drop rate is 1/65, so in theory, it's roughly 1/650 raids. The Metamorphic Dust is only dropped if you finish a raid in Challenge mode, the drop rate is always 1/400 there (can be obtained without a purple chest). Release Rewards (time based competitions end Jan 14) First Twisted Bow drop: You will receive another Twisted Bow in-game! (PAID: A PIXEL V1) First Olmlet pet drop: 500K Pk Points! (PAID: RECAS) First to use Metamorphis dust on Olmlet pet: 500K Pk Points! (PAID: SPARC MAC AL) First to complete 500 Solo Chambers of Xeric (normal): 250M OSRS! (PAID: TULRAK) First to complete 1,000 Solo Chambers of Xeric (normal): 250M OSRS! (PAID: LIN MING) First to complete 250 Solo Chambers of Xeric (challenge): 250M OSRS! (PAID: SPARC MAC AL) First to complete 500 Solo Chambers of Xeric (challenge): 250M OSRS! First to complete 500 Trio+ Chambers of Xeric (normal) (split-if-equal)*: 200M OSRS!(PAID NECROFEAR PB) First to complete 250 Trio+ Chambers of Xeric (challenge) (split-if-equal)*: 200M OSRS! Fastest solo Chambers of Xeric completion (normal): 150M OSRS! (PAID: DEATH DREAM) Fastest solo Chambers of Xeric completion (challenge): 150M OSRS! (PAID: KNIG ARTURIA) Fastest Trio+ Chambers of Xeric completion (normal): 150M OSRS! (50M/ea): (PAID TO: LIN MING, ANGELUCIFER, NECROFEAR PB) Fastest Trio+ Chambers of Xeric completion (challenge): 150M OSRS! (50M/ea): (PAID TO: NEW SHELL, ANGELUCIFER, NW PHOENIX) * Must be in the same bracket, such as 500 Trio kills, not 200 Trio and 300 five player raids NOTE: Account sharing will not be allowed for this competition, we will check if you were sharing account access during your raid runs, if so, you will be disqualified and not paid out. RELEASE DATE: WEDNESDAY, 22 DECEMBER - 12:00 SERVER TIME Click here for a release countdown!
  12. Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS! Thanks to everyone for participating, here are the winners! To claim your winnings, please join our discord at http://discord.roatpkz.com/ and PM Gretar#0001 1. TIRADORES - $200 CREDIT OR 200M OSRS (PAID) 2. KHALED X ARUN - $150 CREDIT OR 150M OSRS (PAID) 3. KATEE - $100 CREDIT OR 100M OSRS (PAID) 4. SWAB - $75 CREDIT OR 75M OSRS 5. VPVP - $50 OR 50M OSRS Honorable mentions Thank you all for participating, hopefully we can do more of those soon - sorry for the late results - will be faster next time!
  13. I don't plan to accept PayPal anytime soon, the main reason is due to the amount of fraud that goes through PayPal. If we ever do, we'd have to do photo id + phone verification, which I don't think majority of people would want to go through. I wanted to support many other coins but unfortunately the setup we're using doesn't support that many, there are many places where you can exchange your coins though.
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