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  1. Roat Pkz Updates! Hello everyone, ever since skilling was released around 2 years ago players have been waiting for a proper max cape, today is the day we finally get one! It's an incredible cape with multiple benefits! New Max Cape! The new max cape in-game has multiple teleports + neat features that are well worth going for, I'll list them all below. The cape requires you to have every skill level of 99 including Slayer. Keep in mind that every max cape has these features, so no matter which item you combine with the max cape, they all have the same features, although they might have different bonuses. You can find the cape by talking to Mac in-game, it costs 99K Pk Points! Features: Teleport into any Donator Dungeon Cave! You can select the donator dungeon cave you'd like to enter upon entering the cave. You must be wearing the cape to get these options! Restore 100% Run Energy (5x per day)! You can restore your run energy back to 100%, 5 times per day, works in the wilderness! Free entry into the Resource Area! You will no longer have to pay a penny to enter the resource area as long as you're wearing the max cape! Run Energy drains 25% slower! While wearing the max cape, your run energy will drain 25% slower than usual. Select Obelisk Teleport Level! You can pick the wilderness level you'd like to go to when activating the obelisk, this still works for players in top 20% ELO. Free teleports built into cape! There are multiple teleports built into the cape that are free to use and have infinite uses! Multiple Skilling Benefits! Almost every skill has a 10% chance that you will receive some sort of bonus, keep in mind that the double XP only triggers 10% of the time. You can read more about the new Max Cape in-game by talking to Mac at ::home! New Pkers Capes! (Champion's capes) We now have Pkers capes for 1-10K Kills, you can purchase them north of edgeville. They have the same bonuses as a fire cape, but the prayer bonuses are boosted per cape. Trade Leon the champion to get your hands on these new capes! Corporeal Beast is now % based! The main corporeal beast drop is now % based, meaning the more damage you do, the higher your chances of getting a drop. This will give everyone a chance to get a drop and not just the people wearing BIS, enjoy! Instanced FunPk for Clans! As requested by multiple clans, you can now enter your own instanced FunPk Zone. Just enter the portal at FunPk and it will create an instance only available for you and your clan mates, you can practice there in peace. All OSRS Wilderness Ground Items Added This update is mostly cosmetic to make the wilderness more resemble OSRS, OSRS has certain items on the ground in the wilderness that can be picked up and then they re-spawn in 1 minute, we've added all 150+ of those ground items to Roat Pkz, enjoy! Other Updates: Morrigans Thrownaxes/javelins can no longer be used above level 10 wilderness. Shield special attacks now work as a normal combat attack, instead of stackable. The ancient wyvern shield special attack has been reduced to a maximum of 15 damage. Multiple people can now pull levers at the same time. Thank you for reading and so much more is on the way! Remember to check out Smoothies MAX competition:
  2. Roat Pkz Updates! Hello friends - the long-awaited price change update has been done! As the Roat Pkz economy and money makers have changed over the years, it was about time some of the PKP items got raised in price. We added multiple new items + some great content as well. Items Re-Priced! As requested by over 90% of the community (biggest poll pass on Discord) multiple items in-game have been re-priced. You can see a detailed breakdown of every item below and what their new prices are. IF YOU HAD ANY OF THESE ITEMS BEFORE, YOU DID RECEIVE PK POINTS FOR THEIR SHOP VALUE! No one lost Pk Points / Net Worth from this update. You can see a detailed breakdown of the items you received Pk Points for at ::ResetInfo. Armour changes: Serpentine helmet: 3,000 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Bandos chestplate: 1,000 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Bandos tassets: 1,000 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Armadyl helmet: 500 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Armadyl chestplate: 1,000 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Armadyl chainskirt: 1,000 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Barrows helms: 50 PKP -> 150 PKP Barrows body: 100 PKP -> 350 PKP Barrows legs: 100 PKP -> 350 PKP Barrows weapon: 75 PKP -> 150 PKP Barrows armour set: 325 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Dragon boots: 60 PKP -> 200 PKP Dragon full helm: 25 PKP -> 50 PKP Dragon chainbody: 25 PKP -> 50 PKP Dragon platelegs: 25 PKP -> 50 PKP Dragon plateskirt: 25 PKP -> 50 PKP Eternal boots: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Primordial boots: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Pegasian boots: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Bandos boost: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Malediction ward: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Odium ward: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Crystal Shield 250 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Fighter torso: 250 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Fire cape: 250 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Mage’s book: 1,250 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Weapon changes: Harmonised orb: 10,000 PKP -> 50,000 PKP Volatile orb: 15,000 PKP -> 50,000 PKP Abyssal tentacle: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Armadyl crossbow: 2,500 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Dragon crossbow: 1,500 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Bandos godswords: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Saradomin godswords: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Zamorak godswords: 1,000 PKP -> 2,500 PKP Staff of light: 2,500 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Staff of the dead: 2,500 PKP -> 5,000 PKP Granite maul: 500 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Dark bow: 500 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Ring & Amulets: Amulet of blood fury: 1,000 PKP -> 1,500 PKP Amulet of fury: 500 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Berserker & Seers ring (i): 250 PKP -> 1,000 PKP Archers & Warrior ring (i): 150 PKP -> 500 PKP Berserker & Seers ring: 125 PKP -> 500 PKP Archers & Warrior ring: 75 PKP -> 300 PKP Other: Slayer Key: 500 PKP -> 1,000 PKP NEW ITEMS: Abyssal dagger (non-poisoned): 2,000 PKP The most powerful dagger in the game and requires level 70 attack to wield. It can be found in the PK Shop. Abyssal bludgeon: 2,500 PKP A two-handed crush weapon requiring level 70 attack and strength to wield. It can be found in the PK Shop. Zamorakian hasta: 2,000 PKP A popular weapon against enemies weak to stab, such as dragons, as it has the second-highest stab bonus in the game. It can be found in the PK Shop. Fremennik kilt: 10 LMS Points BIS leg-wear for pures. Shares the same bonuses as iron platelegs, but offers an additional +1 strength bonus. Unlike most equipment providing a strength bonus, the Fremennik kilt has no requirements to equip. It can be found in the LMS Shop. Ivandis flail: 500 PKP A one-handed melee weapon that is commonly used as a weapon for PVP, as it is one of few weapons with both a Magic Attack Bonus and a Special Attack bar. It can be found in the PK Shop. Dragon platebody: 50 PKP Offers some of the highest bonuses of any non-degradable armour in the game, providing higher slash and stab defence than the Bandos chestplate. It can be found in the PK Shop. Crystal armour: 10 LMS points a piece Crystal armours have a special set effect where each armour piece will give a 3% damage boost and 6% accuracy bonus to the crystal bow. If all pieces are worn, the player receives a 15% damage boost and 30% accuracy bonus. The armor can be found in the LMS Shop. Ancient Magic tablets: 10 PKP each Wilderness crabs teleport tab: 10 PKP Cemetery teleport tab: 10 PKP Items that now cost PKP: Regen Bracelet: -> 50 PKP each Phoenix Necklace: -> 25 PKP each Demonic Artefacts All deep wilderness bosses now have a chance of dropping Demonic Artefacts, these artefacts are similar to the ones dropped in the Revenant Caves. They have a value of 2K - 64K PKP Here's a list of monsters that currently drop them: (::DropTable) Chaos Elemental - Crazy Archaeologist - Chaos Fanatic - Venenatis - Vet'ion - Scorpia - Callisto - Demonic Gorilla You can only cash out the Demonic Emblems in the Mage Arena Dungeon Be careful, whenever you cash them out everyone at level 30 wilderness or above will be notified + you won't be able to log out for two minutes - Good Luck! Wilderness Boss Tables Revamped Along with the price changes and the new artefacts, every deep wilderness boss has had their drop tables revamped, they now drop on average 1.5-2.5x more loot and are a lot more balanced! PvMing while Skulled In The Wilderness / Donor Dungeon You will now receive a 20% drop bonus if you PvM with a PK Skull in the wilderness or donator dungeon, this was already in effect for the revenant caves, but now it's over the whole wilderness Barrows Mini-Game added! (::barrows) A barrows mini-game has been added at ::barrows, this is mainly targeted at new players or someone that needs to rebuild, it's not the best money maker in-game but it's a very stable + safe one. A quick screenshot of a barrow run on Roat Pkz Scroll Mystery Box A new scroll mystery box has been added to the Daily Task shop, it goes for 800 points but will award you with 1200 (ish) points per box on average. It has an equal chance of awarding you with any scroll. New Log In Screen This screen has been in-game for awhile now, but you can now store up to 10 characters on your log-in screen. Daily Rewards Doubled The daily rewards for players & clans have been doubled! Other Updates: Auto-Escape system now works in the Donator Dungeon. Hitsplats, Prayers & HP Bar are now prioritized based on your target. Trade & Follow options have been swapped. Dragon Claws have had their formulas changed (much more stable). Right click attack npcs option added to Client Settings. Shadow Spiders now drain your prayer while attacking you. Mitril Seeds now work in the wilderness Thank you for reading, a lot more cool updated on the way, hope you enjoy! Shoutout to everyone that helped a lot with this update: @Smackd @Fantastic @Baz @goat
  3. Things are looking good, I think we could be back online in 2 hours(ish).
  4. Things are going smoothly, database almost fully moved over + rebuilt. I think a realistic ETA right now is 3 hours if everything keeps going well, you can read more on the fire here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-ovh-fire/blaze-destroys-servers-at-europes-largest-cloud-services-firm-idUSKBN2B20NU
  5. No, no items are lost, at worst you'll get a 30 min rollback if you were online during the DC. We're still moving files, our database is huge and bandwidth is only so fast.
  6. Still setting things up + recovering files, ETA: 4+ hours
  7. Last backup was at midnight (12:00), server started dcing at 12:24, so not bad.
  8. Photo from the datacenter, I'm still setting up the new servers, ETA: 5+ hours.
  9. We are back up! More info here:
  10. Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS! Thanks to everyone for participating, here are the winners! To claim your winnings, Please go to https://roatpkz.com/donate/ and add to your cart until you reach the amount you won! Then send me a screenshot on here of your cart via Discord Gretar#0001 (::discord). 1. VPVP - $200 + 150M OSRS 2. NEEKS - $125 + 100M OSRS (PAID) 3. CRAIG - $100 + 75M OSRS (PAID) 4. IDLE - $50 + 40M OSRS 5. AUD - $25 + 20M OSRS (PAID) Honorable Mentions JEPU FEET NIGHTMARE XD JBLIND SIGGY We had a lot of submissions, thank you all for participating!
  11. Hi, Mining was boosted roughly 20% in terms of pkp per hour (faster mine speed/less xp) around 2 months ago, do you still think it's not enough?
  12. Could you pm me on ::discord - Gretar#0001
  13. Roat Pkz Updates! Hello friends - we've done quite a few QOL updates in the past weeks I'd like to list below and explain in further detail. We have many great updates in the pipeline that I can't wait to share with you guys! Spirit Shields Wiped Elysian, Arcane and Spectral Spirit Shields have been wiped in-game. If you had any of those before you will see Pk Points in your quest tab equivalent of their street value. The drop rate of the Elysian Spirit Shield was also raised from 1/256 -> 1/1,280 (5X). Here are the Pk Points you would've received for every shield reset: Elysian Spirit Shield: 320K PKP Arcane Spirit Shield: 22K PKP Spectral Spirit Shield: 6K PKP PvP Armour Changes at 10+ Wilderness. When PvP Armours are worn above level 10 wilderness the stats will automatically change to their counterparts and you'll visually look as if you were wearing the counterpart armor. Statius -> Bandos (Appearance & Bonuses change) Morrigans -> Armadyl (Appearance & Bonuses change) Vestas -> Bandos (Appearance & Bonuses change) Zuriels -> Ahrims (Appearance & Bonuses change) PID added to ::BRID We are now beta testing PID at the Brid Zone (::brid). PID shuffles roughly every minute (just because it shuffles doesn't mean it'll swap between you and your opponent). Please let me know your thoughts on this - if we receive good feedback we might roll it out fully in-game. Improved Bonuses Interface You can now more easily see if your bonuses are positive or negative based on their color. Slight Lottery Improvements You can now add Pk Points & items to the lottery with 1 less step than before and now you can see beforehand what your win percentage will go up to. We have also added an ::addlottery command that you can use from anywhere in-game (safe zones). "Walk here" improved The walk here option now always goes under the player instead of where your mouse is positioned, this should help a lot during hybridding. Zoom & Render Distance Improved We have greatly increased the zoom and render distance in the client - this is very noticeable and a great improvement, the render distance improvement can really be noticed while using resizeable. Character Camera Centered The character camera has been greatly improved in-game and has been aligned & centered properly to perfectly resemble the OSRS one. $500 PK Video Competition We are currently hosting a $500 Pk Video competition, read more here! Thank you for reading, a lot more in the works!
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