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  1. Roat Pkz Updates Hi everyone, a lot has been going on behind the scenes for the past 2-3 months. We've done a lot of improvements & fixes that aren't exactly visible to normal players, but will be very useful in the long road. I also want to give everyone an update on the upcoming Summer Event and TOB. Blackjack Spectate You can now spectate other players while they're playing blackjack, this has been a heavily requested feature ever since we introduced Blackjack. You can prevent others from spectating you by using ::disable-spectate. Here is an example of the blackjack spectate interface. You will see a small blackjack icon in the public chat if you're spectating/playing the same game. That way viewers can talk together. Official Roat Pkz Wikia We have now launched our official Roat Pkz Wiki at https://wiki.roatpkz.com/. This has been a work in progress for a few months, with great help from @Hefner. We have added a ::wiki command and you can also use it as ::wiki armadyl godsword and it goes to the page. Roat Pkz Clan Cup There is a new 3,000M OSRS Clan Cup happening on June 2nd! You can read more at ::clancup in-game! Summer Event (ETA) A lot of you have asked us when the Summer event is coming. I have some great news for you, we've been working for the past weeks on a new Summer event and plan on releasing it the first week of June. Theatre of Blood (ETA) The TOB is still being built - we are keeping it final boss only, we have completed the normal fight and are currently working on the hardcore mode. It is without a doubt one of the best and most accurate final boss fights. I expect to release this after the Summer Event update. Anti-Drag Plugin The RuneLite Anti-Drag Plugin has been added to our client! Enjoy! Other Updates - We have fixed the issue of avg dmg being inaccurate in PvP Tracker when overheads are enabled. - Weapon Styles now properly save upon login. - We have done a ton of performance upgrades on the server to better handle 1,000 players online during events. - We have re-done a lot of our in-game networking and made it more efficient & responsive. 😎 Thank you for reading and enjoy! 😎
  2. Roat Pkz Combat Accuracy Formula Hi everyone, today is a big day for Roat Pkz. For many years people have argued over which server has the better or worse combat system. We have taken this as a challenge and have crafted a combat accuracy formula which comes as close to OSRS today we put any speculation to rest and will show everyone the combat accuracy formula we have been crafting for the past few weeks. This new combat formula is now live in-game. Watch this video to see in detail the changes and accuracy verification! PvP Tracker Improvements We have greatly improved the PvP tracker in the RuneLite plugin. The RuneLite PvP Performance tracker works by grabbing everything available to the client to "guess" how much damage you should hit and shouldn't. A lot of this guesswork is needed because the game client does not tell you which prayers your opponent is using (unless it's overhead), what his current levels are (can only grab from hiscore, but your client won't know if he's potted or not). And it will never know which ring your opponent is wearing. This makes the PvP trackers estimates "good enough" for OSRS, but we've taken it one step higher. Starting today, if the RuneLite PvP Performance Tracker is enabled on your client, the game server will send your opponents levels, combat prayers & bonuses realtime so the tracker can get a near-perfect idea of your damage accuracy & hit accuracy. (applies to client version >= 305 - aka latest client) Thank you for reading, and best of luck in combat.
  3. Hello everyone, today we are introducing our 2024 seasonal Easter Event! Thanks to @Hemmi80 our client background has taken a new look for the Easter period. Easter Home The home has been visited by the easter spirit. You can start the event at ::easter! Talk to Emily and she will guide you through the event. Easter Portal You start your journey by teleporting to the wilderness using the Easter Portal! Be aware! This is in the wilderness! Summoner's Egg Once you've entered the Easter Island, pick up a Summoner's Egg and crack it! An Easter Bird will appear ready to FIGHT! Angry Easter Bird The Angry Easter Bird will pop up and is ready to fight you instantly! Kill it and collect your tokens! Easter Token The Angry Easter Bird will drop Easter Tokens (along with PvP kills), be sure to collect them so you can purchase items! Token Rewards After you've collected your tokens you can spend them at ::easter! I highly recommend the Gold Easter Casket! Gold Easter Casket Gold Easter Casket has some juicy reward including the new Easter Tumeken! The Easter Tumeken is a limited edition 2024 Easter Event item! Easter Tumeken Easter Tumeken has two different variants! You can metamorphis is at any time! Silver Easter Casket Silver Easter Casket has some juicy rewards, including the new Easter Basket (7.5M). The Easter Basket is a limited edition 2024 Easter Event item! Easter Basket The limited edition Easter Basket has some cool animations! And you can even fling some eggs with it! Bronze Easter Casket Bronze Easter Casket has some juicy reward including the new Crate Ring (5M). The Crate Ring is a limited edition 2024 Easter Event item! Crate Ring You can do wider variety of actions using the new Crate Ring. AFK Gathering Everyone wants to be able to make money while sleeping! So here is your chance! (Voting required). Search an Easter egg at home and reap the rewards! Skilling For Tokens If you don't feel like doing PvM, you can skill on the Easter Island! Either by woodcutting or mining! Super Angry Easter Bird A Super Angry Easter Bird will now appear in the wilderness every 3 hours! It spawns at a random location, either multi or singles. You can teleport to it via ::bird! Be careful! It's the wilderness after all! It spawns at (SERVER TIME): 02:45 Server Time 5:45 Server Time 8:45 Server Time 11:45 Server Time 14:45 Server Time 17:45 Server Time 20:45 Server Time 23:45 Server Time Two new pets! You can now receive two new Easter Bird pets, one comes from the Gold Easter Casket, and the other one is a rare drop from the Super Angry Easter Bird! Both of them are tradeable and 2024 exclusive! Temporary Collection Log For the first time, we are introducing a temporary collection log for this Holiday Event. This collection log does not count towards hiscores but will help you keep track of your earnings! It also has some great rewards! - Additional changes - New Ankou colors added to clue scrolls. Purple ankou has been added to easy clue scroll. Magma ankou has been added to Medium clue scroll. Pink ankou has been added to Hard clue scroll. Lime ankou has been added to Elite clue scroll. New Item Sets! We have added item sets for Torva, Blood Torva, Virtus and all ankou sets in-game! This makes for much easier buying & selling of full item sets. Combine to sets. You can now easily combine item sets through the inventory instead of having to trade Harald at the Trading Post. This should be a great QOL update. We hope you enjoy the event, and we wish you happy easter
  4. It must be 10 hours of active playing Sorry I can't go into much detail.
  5. Bounty Hunter Expansion! Hey everyone, last October we released an update introducing multiple scrolls into the Bounty Hunter store. These scrolls have been a huge success and are very sought after. This has sinked millions of Bounty Hunter points from the game and we now have less BHP in-game than we had last year. Today we introduce a Bounty Hunter expansion to better balance out the game for everyone. New Bounty Hunter Crates Three tiers of Bounty Hunter Crates have been added to the Bounty Hunter system. These crates drop randomly similar to PvP Crates. They only drop if you killed your Bounty Hunter Target. They have great rewards which we'll show below. Bounty Hunter Crate (Tier 1) This crate has a base drop rate of 20% (boosted based on donator rank). It has rewards from 200 -> 60K PKP Bounty Hunter Crate (Tier 2) This crate has a base drop rate of 5% (boosted based on donator rank). It has rewards from 4.8K -> 120K PKP Bounty Hunter Crate (Tier 3) This crate has a base drop rate of 3% (boosted based on donator rank). It has rewards from 24K -> 160K PKP Bounty Hunter Emblem Value Increased Every Bounty Hunter emblem in-game has now been increased in BHP value by around 50%. Crate Rate Interface You can see your exact Bounty Hunter Crate chance with ::crate-rates. Enjoy the updates! 😎
  6. Note: Applications will only be open for 24 hours! We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 60+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
  7. Join us for a Christmas experience like no other. Imagine a winter wonderland filled with holiday rewards, where meeting Santa becomes a cherished memory. Players are invited to embark on a winter quest, to battle the Brutal Christmas Dragon, collect tokens and with a little luck, receive the special and exclusive Christmas Twisted Bow! Thanks to @Hemmi80 our client background has taken a new look for the Christmas period. Festive Home The home has been visited by the Christmas spirit. You can start the event at ::christmas! Talk to the Santa and he will guide you through the event. (don't forget a Snow Globe Spawner). Christmas Portal You start your journey by teleporting to the wilderness using the Portal! Be aware! This is in the wilderness! Rift Entrance Enter the rift and get ready to battle the Brutal Christmas Dragons. Skilling Don't feel like fighting dragons? No worries, you can mine or cut trees, the more tokens you risk, the better your axe or pickaxe will become - similar to the Stardust event, high risk = high reward. Brutal Christmas Dragon Shake the Snow globe to spawn a Brutal Christmas Dragon, be careful of it's fire attack! If you're lucky you might receive a Gold Christmas Present as a drop. Christmas Token Store You can spend your Christmas Tokens with Santa at ::christmas. You can buy a variety of items! Gold Christmas Present Rewards The most sought after reward can be obtained from the Gold Christmas Present! The new Christmas Twisted Bow. This is a 2023 Christmas special. Christmas Twisted Bow (2023) With a little luck, you could receive the ultra rare christmas inspired Twisted Bow. It is truly a magnificent sight to behold, we only expect around 2-5 of these to enter the game during the event. Christmas Slayer Scroll A new addition to this event is a Christmas Slayer scroll. When you use this Christmas Slayer Scroll you will automatically receive the Brutal Christmas Dragons as a Slayer Task (15-50). This means you can train slayer while enjoying the event! Base Reward The base reward this year is the Nutcracker Outfit. Pet Christmas Dragon - 100K PKP We added a Christmas Dragon pet as event special for 2023 Christmas event. The pet can change to 3 different colors. The pet is only available though the Gold Christmas Present. We hope you enjoy the event, and we wish you Happy Holidays!
  8. We've always believed in pushing the boundaries, in bringing something truly revolutionary to our players. Today, we're not just making a small step forward; we're making a giant leap. I'm thrilled to announce that, after much anticipation, Blackjack is now a part of our world in Roat Pkz. This isn't just a game; it's a reinvention of excitement, a new chapter in our adventure. You asked, we listened, and we delivered. Welcome to the future of gaming. Welcome to Blackjack on Roat Pkz. Let the games begin! You can find the Blackjack Tables at ::BJ or ::Blackjack! A beautifully crafted Blackjack interface. Months in the making by @Hemmi80 Want to see the action around you? Enable the light bulb in the top left corner! Gamble using Donator Points or Game Credits! * The Rules have been made very favourable for the players playing. NOTICE: You can only play blackjack using Donator Points or Game Credits. Credits & Points can NEVER be exchanged or cashed out for real money, every game credit and point is always and only available in the virtual world as a virtual currency. We hope you enjoy this new update, and we wish you happy day.
  9. Hello friend, we've actually considered this before and thought about it. If we were to sink even 1% of all gambles, we'd be sinking hundreds of millions of PKP every day, which is way more pkp than ever enters the game per day, not to mention all the other sinks we currently have. Luckily we already sink tens of millions per day right now via TP + Junk Shop + Lottery and we don't plan on taxing any FP or Duel, ever.
  10. Ring of recoil, poison or veg does not count as fighting back. "How are you possibly going to tell if someone hits me for the full 2 mins then leaves?" If someone is doing that constantly, he's going against the rules, dm a mod - he'll tele invisible and investigate and punish.
  11. Roat Pkz Royal Donator Zone Rules! Hello everyone, as many of you know - the Royal Donator Castle has been a hot topic for the past few days. Today we introduce new changes to these areas to combat issues regarding ragging & griefing. I want to make it clear that the Royal Donator Castle was never meant to be a safe zone, and should always be a dangerous area. No one should be able to AFK in there. However that doesn't mean that players should be ragging each other or "griefing" their gameplay. Change 1: Cooldown period upon death When you die in the Royal Donator Castle or Dungeon - the person that killed you can not initiate an attack against you for 60 minutes, this cooldown can be overridden by the player that died, if he chooses to do so. Change 2: Ragging Cooldown If a player is attacking you in the Royal Donator Castle or Dungeon and you decide to not fight them back - If that player is unable to kill you within 3 minutes while you don't fight them back AT ALL, they will be cooldowned from attacking you for 2 hours. NOTICE: Trying to avoid these cooldowns or any other rules, whether by using alternate accounts, stopping & starting right before the 3 minute mark or any other methods, will result in a PvP Cooldown
  12. Check ::resetinfo, you'll see how much you received for each item - including the (or) items.
  13. Elysian Spirit Shield Changes + More! Hey everyone, as the community voted on a couple of weeks back - The Elysian spirit shield has now been reset & re-priced in-game. Everyone that had one beforehand will receive the market value of it in Pk Points in their Quest Tab. The same applies to all Zenyte Jewellery, which can now be found in the Pk Point store. Elysian Spirit Shield Reset & Re-price All Elysian Spirit Shields in-game have been re-set for 2,550,000 Pk Points each (same with the sigil). The drop rate for an Elysian Sigil in the Monster Crate has been increased by 4x. It can now be obtained from the Corporeal Beast at 1/10,240 rate. Revenant Cave Changes The Revenant Caves are now Singles Plus. We've also limited the amount of players in the cave to 1 player per mac-address (computer). We have also spread more revenants all over the cave. You can also not enter the cave from level 40 wilderness if you're teleblocked. Royal Donators Now Receive an Additional 10% Boost to Damage + Accuracy on Revenants. Zenyte Jewellery Changes All Zenyte jewellery in-game has been re-priced and reset based on their current market value. Everyone that had these items before will be notified via ::resetinfo. The jewellery has now been added to the Pk Point shop! Reset Information Interface You can see which of your items got reset and for how much via ::resetinfo after the update. Hope it helps! Other Updates - You can now pick the amount of Slayer Tasks with Choose Wisely Scroll Enjoy the updates!
  14. Lottery Changes & More! Hey everyone, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the ::lottery system and other minor fixes that we have done during the past few days. Including improving the Automatic Escape System. New Lottery Interface One of the most requested features to the lottery interface was the ability to see the percentage of other players, we listened and we delivered! Now you can view the top 8 players, how much they've added and their win percentage. Easier to Add Items To Lottery As many of you know, you can add items to the lottery, but in the past it's been very tedious - so we have really improved that now, with a brand new interface where you can insert multiple items into the lottery at once. Lottery Now Starts at 100K PKP The Roat Pkz Lottery now starts at 100K PKP, this PKP is added by the server and does not affect anyones winning chance! The previous lottery used to start at 500 Pk Points Auto Escape Improvements The auto escape system on Roat Pkz is one of a kind and has saved billions of Pk Points from being lost due to disconnections, today we have expanded that system and made the following improvements. The improved system now works in: - Royal Donator Castle - Royal Donator Dungeon - Vet'ion cave (multi + single) - Venenatis cave (multi + single) - Callisto cave (multi + single) - Wilderness Monster Exit cave - Slayer Cave - Revenant Cave - Mage Arena - Above level 50 wilderness (opens & exits the gate) - 44s Cave - 44s Gate - Scorpia Cave - Resource Area - Deserted Keep Please note that the auto escape system is not perfect, but acts as a backup and attempts to save your account when you disconnect. Other Updates - The beaver pet is no longer invisible. - Any revenant pet drop now counts towards 'All Pets' collection log. - Imbued Heart now works in the duel arena. - Royal Donator Dungeon Skilling activities now count towards achievements. Enjoy it and good luck!
  15. Embrace the mystic ambiance of the season with Roat Pkz's Witch-Themed Holiday Event! Dive into a world where witches, spells, and enchanted brews reign supreme. Players are invited to embark on a bewitching quest, to battle level 666 Pumpking creature. Thanks to @Hemmi80 our client background has taken a new look for the Halloween period. Spooky Home The home has been visited by the Halloween spirit. You can start the event at ::halloween! Talk to the Witch and she will guide you through the event. (don't forget a Pumpking Spawner). Spooky Portal You start your journey by teleporting to the wilderness using the Portal! Be aware! This is in the wilderness! Pumpking Spawner Once you've entered the Portal, pick up a Pumpking Spawner and throw it! An Pumpking will appear ready to FIGHT! Pumpking (level 666) The Pumpking will pop up and is ready to fight you instantly! Kill it and collect your Nightmare tokens! If you're lucky, you might receive a Halloween Casket as a drop as well! Nightmare Tokens The Pumpking will drop Nightmare Tokens (along with PvP kills), be sure to collect them so you can purchase some items! Token Rewards After you've collected your tokens you can spend them at ::halloween! I highly recommend the Gold Halloween Casket! Bronze Halloween Casket (500 PKP) Cheapest of the casket's is the Bronze Halloween Casket. It has rewards up to 2.5K PKP, costing a mere 500 Nightmare Tokens. Silver Halloween Casket (2,500 PKP) Mid range of the casket's is the Silver Halloween. It has rewards up to 45K PKP, costing a mere 5,000 Nightmare Tokens. Gold Halloween Casket (10,000 PKP) Best of the casket's is the Gold Halloween Casket. It has rewards up to 10M PKP, costing you 10,000 Nightmare Tokens. This casket also includes the limited edition Scythe of Skulls! Scythe of skulls - 10M PKP This Scythe has been custom made for this event and is super rare from the Gold Halloween Casket - we only anticipate 1-5 of these to enter the game during the duration of the event. This scythe has the same stats as the regular Scythe of Vitur and has all of its effects. Pet Halloween Hellhound - 100K PKP We added a Halloween Hellhound pet as event special for 2023 Halloween event. The pet can change to 3 different colors. The pet is only available though the Gold Halloween Casket. Other Updates: Avatar Changes - With the change of having to be Skulled and level 126 to loot items, you also have an invisible protection post Avatar kill (180 seconds) to be teleported blocked a maximum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This gives teams a fair chance to take your unique, and gives the player a realistic chance to escape. This invisible protection is automatically removed once the player enters safe-zone. - This Full-TB immunity only applies to players who landed on the Unique drop table (2,500 damage). - Dragonfire Shield drop at Avatar has been replaced with Ghrazi Rapier. Dark bow change - Dark Bow special attack has been fixed to use 55% special attack. MA2 Capes Change - Buying MA2 Capes no longer broadcasts to the entire server. We hope you enjoy the event, and we wish you Happy Halloween!
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