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Risk Defence Bug

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So I'll keep this short, and I could be wrong.

Per the Risk Defence update information via forums, it is supposed to calculate your risk as if you were skulled. This is true for the enabled icon, even if you have less than the certain amount unskulled, but skulled you would be risking it, it will say enabled as it should. The issue is when you aren't skulled and risking less, players can still attack you, even if the selection says enabled. Either I'm wrong, or something isn't talking to another something.

Feel free to pm me if I wasn't clear enough or want more info.

I'll also be online most of the day if you'd like a demonstration. 🤷‍♂️

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As far as I am aware when gretard made this addition into the game if you had 4 items with you unskulled you could enable risk defence and not be attacked by non riskers because the risk defence system would not take into count that the protect item did anything and would always consider your 4th item that was the cheapest in value as being at risk.


So I believe gretar changed it so if you no longer at any point risk the amount your risk defence is set to then non riskers can attack you freely. Once you start truly risking that amount risk defence should kick in again.

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I understand what you're saying, my whole thing is that per the update release it says that the risk calculator will determine your risk based on if you're skulled (even if you're not) and go into effect. Which it currently will say it is. So say I'm risking 4800 unskulled, and 5300 if I were skulled, it will say it's enabled, and the current risk via the risk defence system will say 5300, however my current actual risk is below that, allowing people to attack, even though it says enabled. Basically the post was to make it one way or the other, since it's currently a mix between the two and doesn't work/gives false info with it saying enabled, but not actually in effect.

I haven't had loss to this, but it's been close which made me do some research into it. So now I'm aware of the situation, but other players might not be, especially newer ones. Just trying to prevent future loss for peeps. 😁

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