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Border Patrol first appearance break Swab single unit

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Border Patrol first appearance on roatz breaks Swab single unit to pieces over the weekend. we arrived on roatpkz on friday, were Swab
were being cocky and playing in our soon too be our playground Lets just say the aftermath says it all 26 max kills to 0 ayy lmao

Our First victim on the chopping block were 'Jeroentje029' after they tried to focus @Ross#4741 we quickly gathered a few strong ones when they saw the sight off us, true panic stroke and left him too be on his own, it didnt take long before he was dead, on a half BTW

Next Target is 'Sukky' this one awkward soul decided to keep half tbing himself at ardy lever, to try fight us being terrified to let us have a timer, so after his own alt got frozen he hit our scout a quick freeze and full teleblocked forced him into panic mode dying 02:45 into his teleblock (Lmfao) 12 brews was not enough for this man.
And the last victim on our Slaughter list is the one the only ely camping Alex mikey, this man bearly lived on a half tb with his ely surviving on 6 Hitpoints after being worked 12 brews on a half tb??  he soon after had the nerves to call one off us out to edge, the clown couldnt keep up and planked for a solid set LMFAO 
Alot off killpics this weekend was not posted for now

Feel Free to join our Public discord link below

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