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We Are 'K E 8 - Raids 1

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We are K E 8 - Raids 1 
Organized Group Raids

Getting Started Is Done, Simple.


1) All Drops Are Free For All. ( There is no splitting loot. )
2) If you die in a raid, you must sit out one raid. We expect excellence.
3) Listen to the higher-ranks.
4) Treat people with respect, the way you want to be treated.
5) All members of all ranks will never ask you for any items or give away items. (If anything is given, give without expectation of ANYTHING in return)

All members of all ranks will never ask you for any personal information.
Use discretion while trading & handshake deals among members, thank you.

I Recruits < 100 KC
II Corporal > 100 KC
III Sergeant > 250 KC
IV Lieutenant > 500 KC
V Captain > Moderator for CC and Moderates In-Game Raid
VI General > Leader to start raids and lead while controlling Melee hand

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