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  1. forsure bro, i think imma do that
  2. tbh idk if i even want a custom, whats the point, but yeah bro i'll pace it!
  3. sheeesh nice bro, maybe i can get up to that lmao, at 1.4m now
  4. https://gyazo.com/de7b4b86a97c1da038de556e454815cf IM DUMMY HYPED LMFAO. i made this shit in less than 40 mins w a mf vesta chainbody yall.. 100k off 1m.
  5. rare ass ring, selling for 300k pm me ign its "youngcrip" i want it gone asap cause i need pkp for other shit
  6. buying 1.4k dps please pm me ing : youngcrip
  7. for sure bro, lets hope i can do it again!
  8. laughing i lost it guys lmaooooooo
  9. Some of yall may have seen my turn over of 4k post a few days ago, well guys, ofc i lost it, but today i started with 2k.. i used this 2k to get to 10k and it started from there. my bank is currently sitting at 340kish! hopefully this time i have learned how to not lose it like last time but enjoy i thought this was kinda dope
  10. 6ix

    buying n selling

    my ign not 6ix its "youngcrip" so if you would like to sell me any of these please add youngCRIP and pm! selling yellow phat n buying super donator, please pm
  11. So yesterday i got zuriels top.. sold for 4k n staked, heres what i made in 1 day, its over 200k (ex, arcane being over 20k ect) but yeah hope this can grow, will probably end up doing a giveaway n yeah just wanted to post this on here! feel free to add me n we can pvm together or something
  12. 6ix


    my ign not 6ix its "youngcrip" so if you would like to sell me any of these please add youngcrip and pm! but i am buying: Claws donator trident of swamp and if yall have any other shit i might buy just depends, feel free to trade n show me!
  13. 6ix

    Very Confused

    yes how can I pm you?
  14. 6ix

    Very Confused

    Ive tried many usernames, says macbanned
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