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  1. by3 bye


  2. by3 bye


    Let me kno how yall like it!
  3. Love ! What are the names so i can follow back
  4. Thanks bro and believe it or not i do promote myself a lot check my social media's out: IG: Lilshaddddi Twitter: @lilshadiyra
  5. This one meant a lot to me y'all my mom mean the world to me
  6. by3 bye

    All alone

    Yea bout to send you it soon
  7. by3 bye

    All alone

    Yea thats fine
  8. by3 bye

    All alone

    Yea go ahead bro!
  9. by3 bye

    All alone

    Lol that was my producer he thought he did something. Thanks y'all
  10. by3 bye

    Fuck it

    Thanks y'all another one coming up today.
  11. This shit right here i think is lit af lol let me know what yall think ! Be honest
  12. Thanks y'all i got this new one coming shit is fyeeeeee
  13. Let me know what you guys think! From good feedback to bad feedback i can take criticism!
  14. by3 bye

    New music

    Thanks yall appreciate it a lot
  15. by3 bye

    New music

    Heres another song guys check it out let me know what you think!
  16. by3 bye

    My Music

    Thanks for all the honest reviews
  17. by3 bye

    My Music

    Let me know how you guys like my music...theres like 13 tracks on my soundcloud check em out
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