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  1. Let me know what you think. It's mostly QoL/Skilling/PvM suggestions. I might add more later. PvM Buff Crazy Archaeologist drops. Crazy Archaeologist has no pet drop. His best drop are the wards, which are 1k, and are hard to sell. Adding a 2-3k item drop to the table will make him worth doing, as right now he's only done on task. Buff Scorpia drops. Takes a fair bit of effort to kill Scorpia. Scorpia is in deep wild in multi in a fairly common area, so you can't bring good gear. Scorpia has a pet drop, but overall the loot is lacking, only worth doing on task/for pet. Here's some of my old suggestions that I still think should be added. 10k Risk Def Lower Corp respawn rate Brew limit cap when picking up wilderness key Boss KC added to hiscores Add Lottery to ::rehab. Atm you can be on rehab but gamble in the lottery. Add Clan recruitment board to ::daily board at home so new people can see which cc's are recruiting Add skilling tab to ::daily board. Give rewards for daily/weekly skill leaders same as how we do with slayer Update ::commands to add new commands. Things like ::slayer/::skill aren't there Add a ::faq command. With answers to most questions asked often by new players. Add a spec tele timer to edge. Will help with rushers/raggers/bad pkers Add buyable bars for smithing. Or make it half coal per bar, like in blast furnace. (SMITHING IS INSANELY SLOW. EVEN WITH INFERNAL AXE AND WILDERNESS SMITHING! BUFF IT.) Better drops at revs if skulled. (OR MAYBE WITH A CERTAIN LEVEL OF RISK SO PKERS CAN PK BETTER LOOT AND PEOPLE WILLING TO RISK GET BETTER DROPS). Add longer ::rehab times. Month/Perm. Have a notification saying it's irreversible so people can't complain to admins about it. (ADD ::LOTTERY TO ::REHAB. MAKES NO SENSE WHY IT'S NOT) Add some skilling methods that are faster but cost money instead of make money. Buff dlong and dmace spec. They're never worth using over a dds. Would bring more variety to brid/edge pking IRONMAN MODE. Have a seperate hiscores for it, too. Re-Add the poll dude at edge bank. It helps get a sense of what the players want, and not just long term players and people on forums. Remove max cape from pk store and make it for maxed players only. Maybe add some perks to it. Looting bag. I remember 6 months ago we were told it was going to be added soon. A few more skilling suggestions: Adding dart tips to fletch shop Adding premade bars to smith shop Add teak trees that give very little money but better xp rates Add dragonleather for crafting Add blackjack for faster but more intensive thieving Add barbarian fishing for good agility/fishing exp but less money @Gretar @Fantastic Maybe add these with the upcoming skilling update?
  2. Username: mario614 Recruiter: no im applying lol Total Kills: 11k Playtime: 116 days brother Tell us a bit about yourself: i like to slayer and im history major What are your reasons for wanting to join and how will you contribute the clan?: i boost total pvm loot and rag bot enemy on alt @Tupac ty for consideration
  3. yes it's not a cc. it's a way of life fact
  4. In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be nearest. lava dragon and fruityfriends -1 poop noobs - 0 THE HUNTER HAS BECOME THE HUNTED!
  5. theres a fight breaking out in the mental hospital atm
  6. The type of people that ask youtubers for refer codes are the type of people who don't go on forums. >the trade bro its making rsps pk videos not welding
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