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  1. Fruitiest

    How much can you make in a week from 0?

    I'm stealing this idea @King Arturia
  2. Fruitiest

    Roat Pkz Promotions - 19. February 2019

    hello fellow weeb ss grats to every1
  3. Fruitiest

    more worlds

  4. Fruitiest

    TY for max FL ROBBO

    its 2019 no one makes kp threads anymore
  5. Fruitiest

    PvP Mbox PKING! - 500K Giveaway!

    dang dude so many vids hm is gretar paying?
  6. Fruitiest

    Demonic Gorillas

    the pvm king!
  7. Fruitiest

    Roatz - 150k give away

    give me itam or ur kneecaps
  8. Fruitiest


    @Tupac try me nigga
  9. Fruitiest


    rate my monk cosplay @Gretar @JBLIND @Fantastic @Smackd @Legend @Ban152 @PK Guy @Sandal @A team @Tupac @Aiden @Terzey @OP SHACKO @Xex @Isaiah @Persona @Gied4life @pm2getbodied @Dylalina @Hatcx @Ahmash @a pixel v1 @Khalil @Yoobs @Death Dream @32014 @Matt @Adam The Cat @Refunt @Same Sea @Why Gg @she rags @NSNSNSNSNNS @l DONT NOW @Andrew @am s1k ked @God Dildo @Tom @king aiden @Kihfan55 @repent @Kevin @MEDU$A
  10. @spradder your vids are actually such high quality have you ever thought about making osrs content?
  11. Another thing: There's too many of the same few items coming in through the slayer shop. Either allow players to resell items back for a percentage of the slayer points, add more items/perks to spend slayer points on, or add an item sink for the slayer shop items. @PK Guy @OP SHACKO @a pixel v1