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  1. >Easily one of the top 4 moderators at the moment i love u
  2. @Smackd - Playtime: 37 Hours (+58 AFK) Some players cry because he doesn't act like a robot admin. He adds more suggestions to the game than anybody else. He may not seem it based on yell chat, but I think he cares about this game, and it is shown based on how many suggestions and how much effort he puts in behind the scenes for the game. @Fantastic - Playtime: 6 Hours (+79 Hours AFK) He's pretty inactive now. He put in a lot of work when he was active. He's been staff for so long that it makes sense for him to be focusing more on real life. @Khalil- Playtime: 16 Hours (+40 Hours AFK) Playtime has been pretty low as of late. I still see him doing admin responsibilities. Have fun on vacation. @goat- Playtime: 77 Hours (+133 Hours AFK) He was on vacation for a bit but maintained good playtime. He helps a lot with beta testing and behind the scenes effort. I feel like he's been a bit distant lately. @Baz- Playtime: 142 Hours (+87 Hours AFK) He has a high playtime and handles a lot of extra mod responsibilities. He gets sucked into clan drama, which is hard to avoid when you are an active leader of a contested clan. @VALENCE- Playtime: 52 Hours (+135 Hours AFK) He has been good since he became staff. I don't think I've ever had a single negative thing to say about him. @no name set - Playtime: 67 Hours (+130 Hours AFK) His feedback is pretty similar to Chui's. @Chui - Playtime: 102 Hours (+32 Hours AFK) I never have anything negative to say. He always has decent hours with decent interactions. I feel like he doesn't go the extra mile as a staff, though. It's not necessary for being a server support, but should be shown if going to be promoted to mod. @King Arturia - Playtime: 132 Hours (+29 Hours AFK) Low playtime in recent months, high playtime as of recent. Good game knowledge and is really helpful when he is active. @Ya Mama - Playtime: 28 Hours (+7 Hours AFK) He has a low playtime but it doesn't feel like it. Very active in staff discord and trello and offers lots of suggestions. He should be less racist, even jokingly (so should a few other staff). @skeleton- Playtime: 91 Hours (+101 Hours AFK) - His playtime is high but I haven't seen him really this month; it's probably due to playing different times of the day. It seems he's more passive than he should be, as he has good ideas and common sense. @Fun Time - Playtime: 222 Hours (+76 Hours AFK) - He has a high playtime, is very kind to others, and deals with a lot of angry gambling addicts. He hosts a lot of events with his money for the community. @Ex0tic - Playtime: 197 Hours (+7 Hours AFK) - He is very kind and active and puts a lot of effort into being SS. Compared to the rest of the server supports, he shows the most passion for the game, which is a trait that not all staff show, but matters. @Sinister- Playtime: 75 Hours (+83 Hours AFK) - He has good potential as he's a veteran and knows the game and community well. @OaQ - Playtime: 74 Hours (+160 Hours AFK) - Welcome back. You were good last time you were active. Don't go AWOL in two months again. @Grabauskas - Playtime: 69 Hours (+55 Hours AFK) I feel like he'll be similar to Goat. Missslayer - Playtime: 192 Hours (+46 Hours AFK) - She is very kind and knows Spanish which means she can help the Spanish speakers. Hopefully her English doesn't get in the way of her being a good SS. @Necrofear pb- Playtime: 140 Hours (+14 Hours AFK) He has god potential and seems nice based on our chats. It will be interesting to see how it goes. @a pixel v1- He moved on to better things. @Boney- :3 @2 wapens- He could've been a really good SS because he has good pvp knowledge but he essentially quit the game.
  3. @Gars @xdave @Zone 2 Step Help my man!
  4. some rare rewards arent as valuable, like getting 3a vambs on osrs letting you sell it for dpoints kinda defeats the purpose of clue items
  5. Gretar - big g :d Smackd - Low playtime due to PC issues and still does more than most staff. Fantastic Cx - Yell chat is always more wholesome when you're on. Rag bot - He's a bro. His playtime has been fairly low the past few months, even though it feels as though I see him quite a bit in the staff discord chat. Pixel - Always decent hours, pretty helpful, nothing to complain about. Goat - Pretty much the same as Pixel. He's also pretty active in the staff discord discussing problems and suggestions. Baz - Has quite a few responsibilities as a mod. He has called out a few of my punishments I and have agreed with all of them. Valence - Helpful and active. 2 Wapens - Inactive. No Name Set: Consistently good. Seems motivated to help people and is generally a nice guy in the community. He has been SS for a while now and I can't think of any problems he's had. Out of current SS lineup I think he's most deserving of mod. Chui - Nice and friendly and active. King Arturia -He has good game knowledge and is helpful when around, but he is pretty inactive now. Boney - Been fairly inactive on this account and been on other accounts. Maybe have Gretar move SS rank to whatever account most active on. Niddy - I think the playtime is low because Gretar put SS on a new account. He can be a bit toxic, usually is banter though. Roat isn't Roat without toxicity though Skeleton - Playtime is high but personally don't see that much helping. Not that he doesn't help, just I don't see him going out of his way to answer help requests and those type of things. Down to earth as a SS, though. Fun Time - Nice and friendly and quite helpful. Happy dude. Ex0tic - One of the few staff that seems motivated. Actually has energy and wants to help people.
  6. It’s on to do list, no ETA atm
  7. what do you mean headious font? i think u should try changing ur own font to be frank, because ur font is boring and not orgiinal. x D
  8. Gretar - big g - best roatpkz owner SMACKD - pimp Fantastic Cx - low playtime this month Rag Bot V1 - low playtime this month A Pixel - Good always Goat - Very knowledgable and is helpful Baz - A bit less active than a few months ago but still really active and does a lot Valence - Been great since promotion. 0 complaints. 2 Wapens - havent seen him help a single person since promoted No Name Set - Always good amount of helping/playtime. Chui - Playtime: Always good amount of helping/playtime. King Arturia - Very knowledgable and is helpful Boney - Good Ya Mama - Ok Babderkun - Demote Skeleton - Good Fun Time- Really good. Ex0tic - Really good job at ss since promoted. Just don't burn out TIER LIST IN HONOR OF EXOTIC KING TIER @Ex0tic @Fun Time @Smackd (HES A PIMP) EPIC TIER @goat @Baz @VALENCE @a pixel v1 @no name set GOOD MAN TIER @Chui @Boney @King Arturia OK TIER @Fantastic @Khalil @skeleton @Ya Mama POOP TIER @babderkun @khaled
  9. Double xp scroll gives you 2x exp the double harvest gives you 2x resources (no bonus xp)
  10. Very good clan! Join discord today!
  11. You can buy double xp scrolls from ::tasks reward shop or from other people.
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