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  1. @goat this dude saying u should be banned
  2. Smithing is aids and gay it's way too slow. It's arguably faster on osrs than here doing gold bars at bf The rest of the skills haven't been added pretty sure it was planned for last xmas you get skilling points when you smith stuff doubt we're getting anything added to current skills before the rest of the skills are added.
  3. Winner. Pm me whenever we're both on and I'll trade you it.
  4. you must've been mad when you posted this lol you're just venting
  5. Need a few more cmon guys who doesn't want free items
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I've been really busy with classes and irl stuff from the virus. This month the playtime will be higher.
  7. POST YOUR IN GAME NAME AS A REPLY FOR THE CHANCE AT WINNING AN IMBUED HEART!!! I'll be using random number generator and the post order as people's numbers. I'll pick the number once there's at least 10 replies.
  8. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Boxing_gloves @Gretar
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