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  1. so as you can see here i clearly won 2 of them and he said someone else won and never gave me anything lmao its not that i care but i just want him to see this.
  2. so posting it twice was on accident and because i said i wouldnt post it so then i did,
  3. just a few kills from the last 2 days of pking
  4. So quit trying to Illegally cross into it then? That sounds like a splendid idea
  5. Name the time and the place please because you act like I have a choice doing this. I'm a human just like everyone else but I signed up for a job to protect my country
  6. To be honest I think they are doing a great job pushing out the updates they are doing. I just don't see why players are t coming because those other servers out there are legit trash
  7. I wasn't saying it can't I'm asking why it isn't gaining more like I feel like the server should have like 400 plus online you got a stick up ur ass?like you are being rude as fuck for no reason guy. I hopefully should be back within the next month.
  8. Greater I am currently deployed to the u.s Mexican border I only have internet on my phone or trust me I'd be online in a heart beat Nobody is talking shit I'm being honest seems like you were losing players obviously if I had access to Internet besides for on my phone I'd be online but due to the fact I'm stuck in a fucking desert trying to stop people from Illegally coming into my country I don't really have the option to log on smart ass.
  9. I'm just curious like why is the server dying like it has a amazing combat system yet it just can't seem to gain players?
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