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  1. Accepted & LOL https://gyazo.com/32401dea9018c08d23d9dc5dd94ac09a
  2. Accepted pm Pked2edge ingame Accepted Accepted
  3. Information about #Reborn #Reborn is a remake of #Exposed. We have dominated previous servers we've played on. Due to recent bumps in the road is the reasoning for the remake. Current owner & Co-owners Pked2edge GLOCK BOOM REFUNT We are a multi pk clan we do pk events, Jad/Skotizo events, We on the occasion will do a discord clan giveaway we split all max sets evenly Rules: CLAN HOPPING RESULTS IN A PERMANENT BAN. Not obey'in to your leaders will result in derank and eventual a kick. Showing up for certain events and helping your clan in general is MANDATORY In general. This cc has very strict rules, if your not ready to get out there. To take over, to crush everyone you move past on ur way towards 50 ports it WILL result in a KICK Fill out an application (See down below for the Application) Usually we do charge a somewhat large entry fee but have chosen to make it free temporarily so take advantage of it! When you get accepted through our application you MUST pass a NH test with a satifiying result Discord is a MUST HAVE. Microphone is not mandatory basically to listen to call-outs and no confusion in huge wars Must be active for at least 2-3 hours a day. Must have ags/claws and multiple presets (Our used presets will be PINNED in our private clan discord) Minimum of 5 days played. Application Once application has been approved the discord and clan information will be messaged over private by any owner/leader rank Do you have discord?: Whats your ingame name?: Do you have a microphone?: What is your ingame KD:R?: Do you agree with our rules above? What previous clans have you been in RoatPkz (Osrs and others for that matter too)?: If we are in a war what style of pking would you prefer?: Tribrid Tank & Spear / rag-bolt Tber / tribrid
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