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  1. Best version of Nex I've seen around yet gg pimp @gretar
  2. Came back to this paradise a few days ago after being gone for a couple of months (from any rsps tho). Let's keep it positive: what's the best thing that has been changed/added in the past couple of months? I'd like to hear from you
  3. Updated - if there's some stuff that has been added or fixed please let me know since I've been gone for a few months.
  4. so only 10k for 40 extra space? Overall nice idea but if you want to use it as a real gold sink I'd say make it more expensive
  5. Haven't seen someone this mad over getting cleaned this year yet
  6. Quest cape Requirement for max cape Achievements Rewards (tradable, non-tradable or perks) ...Other(?)
  7. no because people will have better gear with no risk. Also to op at certain events.
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