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  1. Yes it still exists and you will still plank against #mongs
  2. I'm not trying to be a dick here but this whole situation would be fixed if people would stop instantly begging when they join the game. it's absolutely not impossible to start off decent on Roatpkz. There are so many different ways to get to some decent gear within minutes. People are too lazy to do some actual stuff for their items/pkp and instead they just go beg at others and flame them when they get a no. Voting When typing ::vote in-game and vote om some of the sites you will earn yourself a vote point and a vote mystery box which can be sold for over 2k in total. Items you can buy with taking two minutes to vote: Dragon defender (1.000 pkp) Fighter torso (250 pkp) Fire cape (250 pkp) Slayer By doing slayer you can not only get lucky at some slayer keys, but when completing 5 slayer tasks in total you will earn your self a guaranteed reward of 3 slayer keys, dragon boots and 2835. Rewards from the slayertask itself excluded. Those 3 slayer keys can be sold for around 500 pkp each. Keeping in mind that it would be good to keep the dragon boots it would give you a reward with a total worth of 4335 pk points. We still had 500 pkp left from voting so that brings us at 4835 guaranteed pk points. There's your ags! Guys, it's litteraly not even 20 minutes of work to get a fire cape, dragon defender, fighter torso and and AGS. People are just getting lazy as fuck and rather flame other people that have been grinding for their pkp and they don't want to give it out to random people.
  3. I'd like to open this thread to discuss and give idea's on different ways of (new) temporary or permanent money sinks that could be implemented to Roatpkz. I'm not saying that the economy is fucked but wealth is flooding into the game every single day so I thought why not discuss about possible solutions to make the economy in Roatpkz last longer/stronger. Give me your ideas!
  4. You can easily sell it in the ::tp bro
  5. Demote and perm mac ban. You can pay a one-time fee of 30M OSRS to get unbanned. Please contact any moderator+ if interested.
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