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  1. I'd like to read more of @JBLIND his replies on appeals. I want more daily laughter as I like reading @JBLIND his replies on ban appeals in my free-time. Thanks.
  2. Buff all wilderness bosses besides event bosses. Yes. Yes. Great for new players that want to get started out with multi pking. Yes. Been saying this for ages. No. Those resources should be profitable to make for the players that are not lazy so they can make some extra pkp from the rich ass lazy fuckers. Ma2 cape improves wilderness activity. Yes.
  3. Reply will be ::yell ask your fat mom you c****r ***** smd idiot LOO00OOO0L 1-0
  4. He's banned now keep your eyes opened though
  5. Don't know what your main account is but thanks faggot. b667b1300a01247fcb685c48dd8cb84d.mp4 @staff please reveal his main account
  6. Introduce herblore > make sanfews/saradomin brews have a value. Removing divines was polled recently. Wiping elysians is a temporary sollution, will be a matter of time to get it back to the old situation. Most of the competitive pkers will pay whatever is needed for a shield that is a +1 anyways. Discuss about a potentional brew cap
  7. Updated. Revamp vote store! With the new clue scrolls & rewards coming third-age really just should be removed from the vote store. The chance of getting a druidic piece is 1/1760 but only have a worth of about 110k. (???)
  8. Insane updates. remove third-age from vote shop.
  9. I've had millions for a while now. I never got fully cleaned, have always had a few mill left behind to keep making video's. And yes I lost everything: I made -1m pkp. If I'd name the video "I lost 1m pk points" it doesn't really sound inviting, does it?
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