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  1. Hey man! Just some tips: Turn off game sounds Play some (copyright free) music Cut out the parts that aren't important/fun to watch Gl with further vids!
  2. It has to do with account age/rank as far as I know.
  3. Hhmm yeah so the skillers, pvmers and pkers bond together apart. I get that. That would be okay on first sight tbh. However idk how this is going to work out in reality. How big is the skilling base and how big is the pvm base? I don't know. So for now I can't say more than I see what you're saying, and that's not too bad actually apart from the fact that I'm a little afraid that if they keep addings things like these there will be too much to do that will result in other parts of the game to lose participation. Would love to see what others think!
  4. niice vide gll rank youtube im ask gretar ok @Gretar show vide joirk gll rank youtube?
  5. I think you'll need more to implement this with the idea to make clans 'more active'. Also I don't see how this would result in more different clans. The first week it might be a bit hyped but later on it wouuld most likely be the same few people grinding for the whole clan.
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