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  1. Reading appeals is therapy for me. Whenever I'm stressed I try to sit back for a few minutes and see how the creatures of God flame people trying to act innocent. Thanks @JBLIND @Fantastic @Baz
  2. Yo dude, would you mind changing your avatar? It's an avatar that's specially made for me by an artist, which I paid for. Also how did you get it in that quality? I'd like to know so I can remove it from where you got it
  3. Knasterd


    nice to meet you
  4. Updated, added: During tournaments all your opponents (including clan members) should be automatic left-click to attack, eventhough you're in the same clan. Slightly buff the average loot of all types of clue casket rewards. When trading with someone the text messages between those players should also be shown in the trade-tab in the chatbox, this makes it easier to communicate.
  5. Updated: PvP Mystery Boxes still show the old price of Justiciar armour pieces. fixed
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