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  1. pretty sure this one isn't in here yet. Master clue step
  2. If you don't like losing you shouldn't gamble buddy. Also no need to gamble in order to be able to make videos. Yes, having a big bank and do huge giveaways do give you more viewers but I don't think you should start making videos just for the views anyways because you'll most likely quit in no time. It sounds harsh but it's the only truth, sorry.
  3. If you think that way we could remove all teleport spells and make you walk. You can still go from A to B so doesn't matter.
  4. 10 times but make sure to fill in a different name (e.g iceberg slim2, iceberg slim3 etc.) every time and when claiming use your main username you'd like to collect rewards on. So if you vote 10x with double votes you'd get 20 vote points If you vote 10x with double votes + vote boost in cc you get 30 vote points
  5. Ex on The Beach is nothing compared to RoatPkz
  6. Because there is no better server
  7. There is a clan recruitment board so there is a sollution. I think advertising over yell shouldn't be completely forbidden but I must say that it's indeed quite spammy right now.
  8. you can even ctr+c in your game chatbox to copy the line you've typed
  9. Knasterd

    Gambling Guide

    We all know that most of the rsps gamblers don't gamble on a recreational basis but because they're addicted to gambling
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