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  1. Knasterd

    Day in the Life of Hatcx

  2. Knasterd

    Bank PK

    Juicy af
  3. Knasterd

    man thought he is something!

    Make a book of this
  4. Knasterd

    All alone

    You're getting better everytime, good to see. What happened at 2:09 though?
  5. Knasterd

    Your videos

    Non-gaming bro
  6. Knasterd

    Your videos

    Did you make the beat aswell? Ship it to my country and I'll do it
  7. Knasterd

    Your videos

    I'm wondering if there are any people here on roatpkz that like to make video's etc. So why not open a thread where we share our non-gaming video's? I'm still practising myself but made these Show me yours & give your opinions!
  8. Knasterd

    1M+ PKED

    keep it up