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  1. yeah, it's a regular account but I'm playing it as an ironman
  2. So what exactly are you trying to say here?
  3. With wilderness clues and the fallen star we've already got quite a bit of non-PvP activity recently on RoatPKZ.
  4. Hey man, I agree with you! About the difference between new players and existing players in gear; currently there are x2 vote rewards for voting. Taking 30 seconds time to vote will get you well over 3k pk points if you sell the rewards in the Trading Post (::TP). If you do this you're only 2K away from an Armadyl Godsword. Next step would be checking the achievement list to see what achievements you could do for what reward. You can get 5K pk points in no time and walk around with an AGS!
  5. Knasterd


    - The new fallen star is a very good money maker aswell. - Currently double vote points aswell so it's basically like a free 3.5k+ for 20 seconds of voting - Achievements if you complete the right ones
  6. Knasterd


    People get extremely rich by gambling People get extremely poor by gambling. That's why.
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