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  1. Lol I guess somebody had to be banned Hahahahaha. Now who was right? =\
  2. Haha haha so fruit cakes is also Jordan ? Lolll. He’s a fuckickig spy in all your discord’s
  3. #2691 #3961 are from the same discord user lolol. Figure it out for yourself. Lol. Have fun on this corrupt server I have multiple ppl that can confirm it’s him just wait .
  4. Lol, ur not in blacknan’s. I’m sure I won’t bud(: we have 200+ ppl on discord. Jblind is one of them. Abusing his power lol. It’s time for someone to call out “Jordan”
  5. Nah your just sadly not part of the corrupt bullshit that’s going on, so these sc’s mean nothing to you. I’m sure then will when other admins put 2+2 together. Unlink you can
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