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  1. 'Daul Penino' isn't with us, he did however die to being AFK @ KBD after he escaped from you noobs. 'Cringe' is a weirdo, dont think anyone likes him anyway KIDPKS is definitely with you, how do you not even know your own roster? yikes. Shut it freak, look like a malnourished patrick star irl fat fuck
  2. This was the most awkward shit show of a video I've ever seen in my entire life span of watching shit pking videos that target the elite clans that I have participated in. Do not EVER disrespect the clan I represent by coming at us with a video of such shit. First and foremost, who the fuck is 'GENX' 'Inthehat' and 'Johanking10', I can assure you not one of these autistic fucks have anything to do with Uganda-unit, I say autistic because you have to be autistic to die to a braindead team such as Clappers. (who the fuck names themself clappers u retard) Secondly, Enjoy the 250 pkp loot from this dumb fuck, you probably wasted more pkp on bolts working this faggot than you made back, so well done. As @Its Gorillas pointed out, Thats kind of fucking awkward bud, you can't be insecure all your life, try banking the dfs. Lastly, TL;DR Video shit, dumb clout chasers, desperate enough to claim random kills as us to try and equal the scoreboard.
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