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  1. nice vid, sick donation too.
  2. Mwcw

    YT Rank

    In-game Name: Mwcw Youtube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwXoNlAikRv7ud0z1dnirBQ Why should we pick you ?: I will continue both my series based around pking from scratch along with learning the ins and outs of pking on the server. I will also do loot / slayer videos and each of my videos will be linked with the servers website along with information that would want someone to join our community. I'm new to youtube and with the help of Youtuber rank I could increase both the views and likes on my videos, which in turn would draw more people from outside the community and strengthen the numbers on Roat Pkz.
  3. Drop rate buff needed or do you like the current drop rate of items? Lemme know below.
  4. The once rune noob has gone granite, along with finding other upgrades in gear. My intention with these videos is showcasing lower tier pking and the possibility of anyone learning the art of pking like myself. Make noobs great again!
  5. Looking forward to future videos my friend.
  6. The goal being to bring more noobs into pking environment like myself, the terrible K/D and rune should show other beginners this server is for all types of pkers.
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