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  1. Had this interesting idea, hope you enjoy
  2. What do you guys think about these type of videos? should I continue?? refer code in a video description !
  3. Thanks to everybody for a positive feedback, appreciate that.
  4. Well well well, another one for you guys, grab some food and enjoy !
  5. Very nice ! make me one!
  6. Nais Loot from 1 day of duel arena
  7. Sorry, My screen brightness in game is set to lowest, might change it in a future
  8. Took me long enough to get a like from YOU ! just kidding, actually need your opinions, should I keep going with these type of videos?
  9. Just keep everything the way it is, no need more changes -.-
  10. Hello, 1 of my zamorak max cape dissapeared from my bank I had every cape x2. SOS.
  11. Decent video, thanks for creating content for roat pkz !
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