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  1. Hello and welcome to my guide on how to kill the Chaos Elemental. Please find below a video guide and text guide which I hope will help you all out. I have a horrible Essex accent. This is the text guide for Chaos Elemental. Pretty straight forward boss, so it's hard to say much else. My advice; Always get you inventory full so the elemental does not remove your items Bring enough food just in case of PKers Join a multi can that is controlling that area. Personally I'd run this gear. You will not lose any items on death as you will not be skulled. To teleport, speak to the teleport wizard and choose Chaos Elemental. You will be teleported to the portal and from there you must run west. Just melee and pray mage. Remember to keep the full inventory and you will be fine. It's a very easy boss. One of the easiest, just be weary of the PKers.. Much love. x
  2. Pre warning before you watch my videos; I have a terrible essex accent
  3. Oh of course! I'll see if I can edit that in. Thank you
  4. It's worth noting that I forgot to mention that's you can dodge the range and mage attacks. This will make kills sub 1 minute with little banks too..
  5. Hello and welcome to my Demonic Gorrila's Guide. My name is RSPS Elliot and I've been making youtube videos for a good couple of years now. I've taken a break from RSPS' and recently found this server and I am loving it. This thread will soon be updated with the vide link for those who prefer to watch rather than read. Please find below the following contents of the guide. I apologise for it being so brief, but it's pretty self explanatory; Gear Location Technique to kill The Drops I took this gear set up from a helper on this forum, and it seems to be the most effective for me. The location can be found by teleporting to ::44s and running North West. Past the ice giants and through the gate and you'll see the demonic gorilla's. I'd be very careful of PKers camping the 44 portal. With this build you risk almost nothing so there's no problem.. Consider banking at Mage bank though as this is the most convenient place to avoid getting killed. It's fairly easy to kill this monster. A lot of people camp mage and rely on Vengance combo's to quickly kill. Personally, I do this and get some nice high numbers per trip. If you'd prefer the less banking method; The green ball is magic The grey ball is ranged Close combat is melee Switch between these proection prayers and you'll be all gucci. Thank you for reading. I understand there's other guides out there too.. I'm not here to step on anyones toes and if anyone is looking solely for a Demonic Gorilla Guide, this is comprehensive enough to get you started. Any questions, feel free to add me and I look forward to speaking to you all soon. x
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