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  1. Sorry I said thanks on the wrong acc thanks
  2. if u watch like and comment for the luls, referral code is in the description,
  3. Can you speak english?: am Venezuelan Can you use Discord?: windows 98 doesn’t let me download What is your favourite alcoholic beverage? (skip if minor): An alcoholics sweat Have you seen the movie Shrek?: Love Is Life, Shrek is Shrek
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l-DmlxrbppU i had a lot of fun with the first video so I went out and grabbed a few more for a little clip montage thingy, I hope you guys enjoy. I still don’t know how to embed because I’m electronically ignorant
  5. -game Name: vxkYoutube Channel (URL): https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCZAMTVf2hr0dCSW3EUoDzxQWhy should we pick you ?: I am doing this early I know due to me only having one video up will not allow me to get this, but I had started a week ago I’m just guessing. I haven’t had as much fun making videos as I do on Roatz in a very long time. You will see going through my YouTube that it I only have one video uploaded and it’s too roatz, the reason being I like the content I create/people see to be up to date and with what I like personally. I had made videos on a few other servers but they didn’t reach the quality I wanted so they were deleted. With roatz, I feel like opportunities are endless.
  6. im actually retarded with forums and don’t know how to embed it as a link, so sorry if that turns you away. Enjoy
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