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  1. Thank you for this information, previously i was informed by a server support and apparently - falsely.
  2. I know I am a bit overdue with this suggestion, but it is a short one and i think easy to implement. Please allow people to get rewards and the pet from skeleton boxes after the event ends and make the boxes themselves unavailable to get as well (make them discontinued same as the pet). This would be a nice novelty to the game and the boxes themselves would act as Christmas crackers in RS3.
  3. Awesome update and I thank you for it. I'd also like to suggest one thing. As far as i have been informed at the moment, you will not be able to open skeleton boxes and get anything let alone the pet after the event ends. My suggestion is: Make skeleton boxes act as Christmas crackers in Rune scape 3 - let the boxes be discontinued aswell and keep the ability to get rewards including the pet from the boxes after the event ends. Thank you.
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