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  1. always the same,make it different let other ppl than big clans win.make it multi
  2. exacly man,sorry for shit English lol,anyway thats the idea hope to see it in next clancup!ty
  3. hi everyone, @Fantastic @Gretar I would like to talk today about the clancup event, in every clancup in roatpkz till today the same people win always,BTW respect for these ppl they are so good,but I got another idea we need different clancup,what I mean is we need a multi clancup,like 3v3-5v5-6v6 but a multi clancup so the team can work as a team and target 1 guy of the oppent,this would be so fun,and a chance for other people to win,because in every clancup in roat pkz always the same team win so can we have a change on the future?everything the same but multi-zone,comment what do you think guys! thanks-
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