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  1. the fuck u talking about brain damaged watch your mouth
  2. everyone here is so rude and i dont see how they deserve the money that people spend for this game, abusive moderators listen to this " Legend™ Dharok Member Administrator 175 299 posts Report post Posted Thursday at 10:44 AM If you cannot click a mouse in 2020 you're actually disabled irl. Sort it out pal JBLIND Elite Member Administrator 3,083 5,457 posts Report post Posted Thursday at 10:53 AM What you just said was so unbelievably retarded, good riddance and fuck off
  3. instead of just telling people to learn to play the fucking game, how about you let them learn, when your fighting almost every time they pull out the god sword and you die in a second, i wish people could play with spawnable items and make it fairer, not really much of a chance, cant get pkp to get a god sword if everyone else has a god sword.
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