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  1. haha u can make things up all u want idc about you =P just dont forget the past and what i have =P
  2. i guess im so deep inside ur head now that u jsut flaming nonsense =_P haha i dont even read what you say little guy.. like told you already many times, if u want autograph just say so.. u nothing more than a fan
  3. stop being so emotional i still dont know who you are like what you want fan? autograph? lmao
  4. ? i can make 100 of topics like this about you if u want? u know faking things about me wont make me off you? or wont make stop bully you.. u cant win this war little guy.. no matter u do =P my posts gets thousands of views and ur nothing =_P
  5. u think i talked to you random.. yes bye bye now have a nice day retard.. since u cant handle the heat w me u better go play club penguin !
  6. excuses ? u got killpic of me at ::funpk where im wearing ghostly robes and red dhides.. dont ever talk to me again l00l0l here is picture of ur member at :;duel dieng to me in clan cup gear while im using the same gear i made you anxious with l0l.. i also have 5 of this of you? thats why u never go ;;duel anymore little dog...
  7. you can make ur fake topic little boy nobody will even open or watch it... ur not just that relevant random hahhaa you dont want me to leak ts talks from you going crazy and being hysterical do you? dont forget boy
  8. u can go ask gretar how i got unbanned little guy =_P u can keep making things and try to get ur team the 15 min of fame because of me.. it wont happen little guy hahahah 500k is still in my bank.. haha so you get emotional now ? i make you upset? why you keep typing back slave? ur still not relevant stop trying to prove me ur sometthing? like idc about you just find the rock and hide under it.. u just mad cause i dont allow u to comeback? or is it cause i make 500k a year and drive a bentley while u roll around with ur rusty bmx? l0l..
  9. what are you trying to prove here little guy =_P? u will never get my full attention or full approval to try make comeback little slave.. just go find a rock and hide under it again.. jeez little guy u never been relevant like i already told you random
  10. i made him go out in ghostly+ red dhides while i had 5 brews and he 8 =_P quality of ur team members.. also end of the day.. never paid anyone anything =_P u can keep telling urself that little guy..
  11. ye i used to make 200k a year back then.. now its 500k a year.. and a new bentley im driving.. haha i guess some things never change huh ! u do what u do.. you deep down know that u try to be like me.. act like me.. fanboy =_P
  12. ur legit not relevant enough to even speak to me.. go back to pvm in rspses you random l0l..... how is it to be stuck on following and spectating me... you legit a fan.. u just want to be me
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