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  1. ye you have multiple times =_P oh boy you are just a suicider nothing more =_P pm2spy
  2. imagine u trying to call me bro after i took ur sets multiple times..? im never going to be ur friend so stop trying suicider... jeez fuck off
  3. mad cause i keep killing you and ur friend for many mills? =_P haha imp i might just make one of you also little suicide imp=_P u just idolise me and have notifications on my posts =_P fan... u still mad because i took ur 100k? get over it its a game...
  4. haha once again i slap this retarded kid for his bank =_P this man made new alt again caled jumbochicken to avoid me =_P well long story short huh haha ty for another 100+bandz =_PPP
  5. ye and 1 single sip of brew and u out eat that... u just slow
  6. all off prayer because im the alpha male.. he just was slow =_P well luckily i have many of you also you little imp.. =_P you comment oon my every pic i post.. fangirl spotted hahaha pathetic...
  7. So just a typical day this is... we are here to witness this new gender teen fuck big bum bum gettin absolutly humiliated for his entire bank... well it was prtty easy..only took 1 fight and imp is 6ft deep well was nice catching up.. hah pathetic u better make new alt now tho ! u get bullied rest of ur time here ahhaahah pm2spy #youngprettypistol literally 6th time i k0 this midget
  8. you want to be me fan.. stop saying otherwise you little 5.5ft tall imp
  9. haha this imp came to me with alt and died for his entire bank.. 44k free mulah haha later imp.. pm2rm
  10. you dead to me 5times and u here running ur mouth imp hahaa you are typical rsps teenager gone wild over the game .. ty for items stop seeking for my attention now imp hahahha nice life!
  11. Once again we are here gathered to witness another rsps slap around gettin absolutly bullied for his entire bank =_P like this litte new gender teen boy "bEEtLe joocE" or should i say "Brainclicker" or should i say "choco boy" or should i say "mvvgo" well this midget has many alt accounts to pk with =_P well now that his alts are exposed... i guess he makes new one again to pk freely at ;;hills =_P man has like 5 different alt accounts but he has 6 different personalities :O weird right! haha was nice catching up midget... oh btw this man died in elysian spirit shield haha 60 ags to the head and sissy boy was down =_P well better luck next time haha ! :D
  12. yet i made him quit every game he tried and multiple single kills on him ahaha good one karen stop seeking for my attention slut or i just post you also =PP fanboy someone i humiliate and make mentally emotional over a game huh :D:D:? haha keep dreaming.. ty for the set also ! ur items just chilling in my bank hah pathetic... =_P
  13. Hah so this new gender rsps teen boy wanted some smoke and he was so confident that he is good enough to challenge me =_P well turns out this rsps slap around is not more talented than basic dh bitch from edge wilderness =_P well thanks for the set imp haha i guess u go back to pvming
  14. Ye so basically this little imp came to me piping up etc just being emotional little imp that he is.. But oh boy little imp did he know that i have killed this imp many times.. well was nice catching up imp.. haha pathetic! =_P heres a few pics of what made this imp a little emotional (pm2spy)
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