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  1. Setting a perm bounty on @Tesfxye
  2. Vesta Spear isnt a bad suggestion Statius Warhammer already in-game Korasi and Vigour would need to be polled, (would most likely be capped to edgeville if it did go through) Custom whips are for donators only
  3. This gotta be Zite on an alt, explain how the cc cap is killing the server?
  4. What do you mean by tripled prize? Will that money be coming from the game or players?
  5. Would be dope ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. I don't think removal of Cc mac bans are a good idea as people who did get banned will just end up joining on their alt accounts and causing the same trouble over again, also the Cc ban cap is limited to 100 so that would become a big problem. As for Clans, there is multiple on the game all with similar numbers so thats no excuse if one clan is doing better than the other. Party balloons just angle your camera up and theyโ€™re actually very easy to click. A blackjack table would be dope to have, can put it near ::dice as well to get that area more active as basically nobody dices, good suggestion.
  7. Message Display isnโ€™t a bad idea, you can always filter out your chats for now by right clicking the tabs. Main thing bought in the slayer shop is the mace, crawโ€™s bows and imbued hearts, most people tend to do slayer for profit but new items for the shop is never a bad idea. Slayer cave: High risk high reward factor as most of the normal spots were people tend to do slayer are packed and the cave is way more efficient.
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