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  1. tomy

    account recovery

    Account you're trying to recover : tomyCurrent account : tomySystem : my name is tomy I forgot the password when I was playing roatpkz its was at 2014-2016 pls help to get it back thanks.Mac : Serial : IP :
  2. dude I need gretar or any admin help me or any I am all time type ::help and no replay me they tell me ::recover I tell him I did ticket no one admin wanna reply my ticket what happen on admin staff game some1 take look in my ticket and help me please Ive waiting about 5 day or so please some1 admin owner help me
  3. when will I get replay from admin to my ticket I waiting 4 days
  4. I did its not work please I need developer or owner or any admin help me please some1 high risk help me please I need some1 staff care about account recovery
  5. I didn't make email or any on this account I just played it like 4 years I play it 1 month or so then quitting and I just back I don't know password I need help by admin or any please
  6. ty frutiest hm time i need wait for get reply from admin
  7. hello staff I back to play roatpkz I forget my password on game my name is tomy I need some1 staff help me and thanks very much
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