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  1. yes because they were spec tabbing? hush cry baby victim. check the food
  2. boneys PROPAGANDA just got your whole cc SHAMED
  3. Ok so after bullying boney money so much he was forced to make a propaganda post about me. As you can clearly see my victim has resulted to calling 0pkp ::funpk fights "nh stakes" and use old staking photos to try and call a 1-0. Notice how the victim is a legendary donator during the "nh stake" but a super donator "shortly after" he claims i decided to rage stake. Let's check the real score on ratgang. First clip is Adamzor getting chanced while it's 4 v 2 second picture they kicked 001000101010 and denied he was every in rg lmfao. https://gyazo.com/8b70db9e5f8a18cf4e974e2d14aeeafe Further more lets add some embarrassing performances by people who Pk with the 6 clan merge we call ratgang in some less serious scenarios. /ST/V2/EXPOSED/ARIYAN
  4. You dropped brews for a fun 0pkp fun nh fight. All reply to a propaganda post. Rookie mistake of his donator status LMFAO. Crazy how the stakes are “shortly after” we nh’d but your donator status is lower But please try again soon. Victimised into faking post to gain clout. Cringe victim
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