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    Just starting to play on here again, and had to once again solve the TINY ASS client issue with trial and error, here's how I did it, I hope this helps. *I use Windows 10. 1. Open the folder where you saved "Roat_Pkz_Launcher", for me that's: This PC > OS (C:) > Users > Schra 2. Left-click the "Roat_Pkz_Launcher" file one time to highlight it, then right-click it to pull up a shit load of options, then left-click "Properties". 3. A box shall appear with tabs regarding different properties. Click on the "Compatibility" tab. 4. Check the first box that says, "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" --- Then, select Windows 8. Then click apply in the bottom right corner. (I'm unsure if this step is necessary, but I'm including it because it's one of the things I did before my success) 5. In this same tab click the box saying "Change high DPI settings" 6. In this new window/box: a) Check the first box saying, "Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in Settings" b) Under that, there's a first dropdown menu under the phrase "Use the DPI that's set for my main display when", in this dropdown menu, select "I open this program" c) Near the bottom under "High DPI scaling override", check the damn box, then click the dropdown menu and select "System" NOT "System (enhanced)" d) Click "Ok" 7. Click apply in the "Roat_Pkz_Launcher Properties" window 8. Go fight Callisto. ***If you're still having issues, message me in-game @Likuku, I'll do what I can to help. Peace
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