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  1. people at nex having 50k risk defence while actually risking 0 because they unskulled with 4 items and protect the 4th item. i dont think risk defence was designed so people can pvm freely in 50 wild. also ancestral max sets can abuse you in spawn gear all they want and when they get bored you can't attack them? it's retarded. and before you even think of saying "well get 50k risk and fight them", we both know what happens, you instantly have 20 people standing around you spec tagging for your 50k. it's lame. it doesn't serve it's purpose of stopping 0 risker constantly trying to chance max sets for free. how it actually works is: high risker abuses someone in spawns/barrows you get some gear to match and make a fair fight baz and his ancestral zaryte team of 10 appear and start tagging you and then spam you with whatever hashtag of the month their clan is called make risk defence brackets, eg 20k risk can attack 15-25k only, 50k can attack 50k+ only etc. not 50k+ can attack a dude with starter kit, thats just retarded, who even thought of that? also fix the pvmers getting free risk defence while risking 0. risk defence is beyond broken and we all know it.
  2. Ofc, but the point stands.
  3. Correct, if he was doing it with a friend it would be fine, but he isn't. Being "in the wilderness at once" is a technicality, he's obviously using 2 separate accounts to achieve something "in the wilderness" that he couldn't otherwise. Imagine if you sit at ::44s on a tber alt, tb and bind someone that tele's in, then log out, tele in on main account and fight them. Technically your 2 accounts aren't in the wilderness at the same time right? But this is clearly against the rule for obvious reasons, which is why Baz banned him.
  4. report him on player report section, baz banned him the other day for doing this it's not allowed, baz already banned him for this since he's using 2 accounts to gain an advantage
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