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  1. Link to my channel if you've missed episode 1/2 I’m Brad - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC8PWKqLlu7rW8iVC710D5Q
  2. I’d like this think it would be a great addition.
  3. Does Begging On Roatz Pkz Work? - YouTube
  4. T bow from Scratch - Episode 2 # Roatz Pkz - YouTube
  5. Legend! I would appreciate that! I also noticed the music got really loud for 45 seconds or so.. That will not happen in the next episode!
  6. Episode 1 - From Scratch - # Roatz Pkz - YouTube
  7. @goat I recently discovered ::hi in-game and did some browsing & saw your 200M's Jheeeeez.. Fair play lad. I support the suggestion. Maybe like the current achievement rewards in-game you could get a lil brucey bonus for completing the page like X amount of skilling points or w/e..
  9. So basically everyone in Purge is a legend anyone else needs demoting and banning.
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