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  1. I mean it would be dumb to value them equally since they're way more rare... and ya the price is fair because those are the prices the players that supported the server are willing to sell for... Dunno what's your point here... is Tbow much better than Blowpipe? No blowpipe actually outdps more NCPs than Tbow... why is it 200x more expensive? because Its rarer and COOLER. (tbow was almost no uses in this server) PS: Your best bet to make them cheaper is donating a ton of 10k-100k costums and sell them for cheap so you get merched in a week time. But if you keep donating a TON you might be able to make their price stable
  2. Hey there, 1º Add Clue scrolls to COX 2º Vial smasher isnt working in COX 3º Update the base pkp of Sanguinesti staff and Dragon hunter lance
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