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  1. I don't speak with staff often so I don't think I have too much of an opinion. I will say though that I was quite pleased with all the recent updates from @Gretar and that he takes the time to review in-game recommendations and seems to stay on top of making sure the server is moving forward in a positive way and that people are playing fairly. I'm sure there will be more great additions to the game and maybe Construction added soon. Overall I haven't had any negative experiences with any staff members and they all seem to be able to joke around and play fairly. I do think those with support ranks could maybe be a little bit more active with answering messages or staying in the Help CC to guide other players with the basic questions they ask from time to time, all though, I do understand you can only answer so many questions. I will say though, overall the staff and support has been great!
  2. x2-4 isn't activated the majority of the time and votes are currently selling between 2.5-3k ea. Seems like a lot. Also the system is strange and you don't always get to vote 10 times per 12 hours, which is why a system where you have exactly a set number of static votes allowed per 24 hours would be nice, even telling you remaining allowed daily votes per claim. Perhaps 25 votes max a day is too much, but a slight bump and a set number per rank would make the system more stable IMO.
  3. It seems that you can vote between 5-10 times a day which doesn't seem like a whole lot. What if your donator status determines the number of times you can vote daily, plus wouldn't it be good for the sever to overall get more votes? For example regular users get 5 votes max a day, donator status 8 times a day, super gets 12 a day, extreme 15 a day and legendary 25 votes max a day. Would provide a better way for players to make some money and would help the server get more votes which draws more new player.
  4. Awesome to hear! Very much appreciated.
  5. Exactly! Kind of feels like we got punished for getting 99's before AFK skilling and lamps, and it was a lot harder to get 99's haha. I don't think it was intentional of course, just kind of how it feels and it would be nice to be able to still get the lamps.
  6. elude


    This is a pretty good suggestion. Having to load a set and then re-bank to get your emblem is quite annoying.
  7. I got eleven 99's before even AFK skilling came out. I've seen a lot of users ask to be allowed to collect silver lamps from past 99's they've gotten. What does everyone think about this?
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