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  1. Yeah I just found out Konduit client had a data leak issue? If that's the case then that's likely what caused it. And if that is the case, then I want to apologize to Gretar for pointing fingers at him.. You just wouldn't expect an OSRS client that's supported by Jagex to be the cause. I'm stressed out because while I'm educated about Rats, Phishing ect.. I don't know how to remove one if I am infected. I really don't want to reformat my PC either.
  2. You do realize that I don't know for certain if Roat is the culprit, however, it IS the most likely place to look. Due to the fact I can't be 100% certain, and never will be, of course there isn't going to be an extreme amount confidence/certainty. ESPECIALLY when more information has been stated about data leaks ect. The more people talked about other possible ways it happened, the less I pointed my finger at Gretar. (As I didn't want to think he would/anyone he was associated with would do this). I did not admit to opening unsecure e-mails, you are making things up. I said I DON'T fall for phishing emails. Nothing has been debunked, you may want to look up the definition of that one before saying I have a potato brain lol. It's very irritating that people like you cannot reply to a thread without insulting people, I hate to stoop down to your level, but I seriously want to know how awful your parents were to you.
  3. I see that, haha. My password on Runescape isn't something you can guess. My stance changed because when I first posted this, it was the only logical thing to have happened. I met Gretar in-game, and it could have made me a target. Then I was made aware of the dataleak and realized that's more likely, as it would seem like more people would have had this issue by now. It wasn't an unfair assumption. I have played RS for many many years, and I've always been extremely careful not to jeopardize my account and wealth in-game. Roat is the only private server I play(ed), therefore, it was the most likely reason for being hacked. I don't want to be on a cell phone 24/7 so I choose not to have one. But it seems for video games and securing your account it would have been a smart investment. Yeah, you agree with Gym Life because you're at an equal intelligence level as him. Thanks for stopping by.
  4. I was active in game for several months, I don't use the forums. Shut up, stop talking like you're important. I simply was warning others of potential danger of their accounts. "You're just unknown" it amazes me how people think they're "somebody" over a private server. Man you must be slow. Plus, if you read the entire thread you'd see I was made aware of a dataleak, which wouldn't be Gretars fault then. But you are exactly like 90% of the other 12 year olds within private server communities and think you're some tough gangster know it all.
  5. You're right, I do apologize for blaming Gretar specifically, I wasn't even aware of the database leak, I just saw a thread about "a string of hacked accounts" and I figured it was the only possibility.
  6. Yeah, I feel like an idiot for not putting a bank pin on my account. I just have always been so careful that I never thought it would happen to me. I also don't have a cell phone nor did I play right when the auth. thing came out, so I couldn't have applied that to my account anyways. I just don't want this to happen to you guys/anyone else in general. This is a horrible feeling, regardless if my 75m is pocket change to some of you, I still worked hard to get that gold. I just don't understand how my password wasn't changed, but my account was hijacked.
  7. It's the only logical explanation. There's just no other possibility. Might not necessarily be Gretar if someone else has access to the files. Whether it was Roat PKZ related (which in my opinion, it has to be) or not. I just wanted to warn people so they aren't staring at their empty bank with a pit feeling in their stomach because their hard work was stolen from them like I am.
  8. 75m is still $75 if he sells gold, why wouldn't he take it? It's the only thing that makes sense. I don't fall for emails, I don't fall for phishing links. The only thing I've updated was the Roat PKZ .jar file. It's a shame, really.
  9. I didn't use the same password, no way in hell lmfao. My password wasn't changed, I logged in and my gold/items were gone.
  10. was there a database leak? I saw another thread about people getting hacked. That's why I assume it's roat related. I was stun alching in edgeville and he walked past me, I asked him if it was him and he said yes and that he wasn't on osrs that often.
  11. Hey virgin, if I had a cell phone I would use the authenticator.
  12. I never fall for phishing links, and Roat has been the only server I've played since I got this computer. I ran into Gretar in osrs while training my magic, must have decided he wanted to infect me and take my items. Thank you for taking 75m, it blows my mind that I put time into playing your server, advertising your server, only to to have my hard work stolen from me. Super disappointed. I have no idea if I'm ratted because of the .Jar file, not certain how to remove it if I am. Be careful users, I doubt I'm the only person this will happen to.
  13. Mr Nova

    Yoobs :P

    We're in edge, not deep wild. My inv is fine lol and if you know how ticks work you'd see my dds was already specing before your tank was put on, so it still read your robes.
  14. Only posting this because he was salty and calling me names lmao https://i.imgsafe.org/2c3450cd84.png
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