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  1. In that case I know exactly where he lives lmfao. And thanks for the welcome. seems good
  2. Thank-you Thank-you! It seems like an awesome server so far. And yeah buddy that'd be great! I've already smited someone for their VLS but i'm not sure of prices yet. Thank-you very much
  3. Haha thanks for the tip buddy. Also funny how you have Smithy boy as your signature. I got a mate that dropped L-dot for trying to touch up his year 10 sister and the dudes like 30... Wasteman... And thank-you. Seems good so far!
  4. Hey guys! I am new to the server and have decided to create my introduction because imo this server is actually pretty decent. (I came from OSRS, unfortunately I lost my job at a hotel so I thought best not have that leeching until I find another job) I am 17 and live in England, Wolverhampton. I enjoy Pure NH'ing, and occasionally bridding. If anyone would like to fight me ingame or have a session i would be more than happy too. Also, give me some names of the best Pure NH'ers so I can start the hunt for 'em. Anyhow, banter aside, I look forward to seeing many of you ingame! It's already begun.
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