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  1. Good shit gretar, this server has gotten much better over the last few months.
  2. i paid u for it but lemme get some b0nk its worth like 5k now ain't it
  3. Shame indeed! I hope you and all others could give me one more shot. Shiet, having like 12m is pretty rich, no?
  4. Tb Current ign is lokie33
  5. arab


    Yea, I think a lot of people would donate more if there was a dice bag and mithril seeds, maybe could even add ::gamble or something. Indeed!
  6. arab


    Dicing! Offer dice bags/mith seeds from the donator store like another rsps did, have the ability to make it a donation in another person name, and it'll drive up donations and allow only wealthier users to purchase them. Reasoning behind this: wealthier (in-game wise) less likely to scam others. New users that love to gamble will flock to the server Dicing/fping > staking
  7. Arab aka lokie33 http://prntscr.com/gmwjgw
  9. arab


    Anyone on this server stake 1m+? Names?!?!
  10. Why run after winning like 500k off sneakin smh will clean u soon
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