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  1. Its Spick

    A few bars

    first time ive tryed to spit/record tbh mate and its recorded from my iphone sounds abit different on there to here
  2. Its Spick

    A few bars

    Sup boys, well i've spend most of the day being rough and voting for $$ but ended up writing a few lyrics while i was smoking a spliff, purely for feedback purposes never really done it before but let us know what you think... http://vocaroo.com/i/s0ObfkwBAvVE
  3. Hey guys, just a quick video i've made, had to upload to a new YT channel since i've lost access to my old one with it being so long, Just made this video for fun but feel free to leave any feedback, Cheers lads.
  4. Watched whilst i was blazing a spliff and i was buzzin for ya, some nice switching there lad keep it up
  5. Sup guys, I joined in-game yesterday and just got round to making an account on forums, Just thought i'd make a quick intro and let you guys know what i'm about. Basically joined the server just to hybrid, I'll more than likely make a video sometime soon as it's something i enjoy doing and at the same time it might bring some more hybrids to the server. I'll leave one of my old videos here for anyone who may be interested. (Don't worry i'm not advertising, pretty sure every server i've made a vid on are no longer around.)
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