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  1. There's a difference between defending yourself and flaming. You can defend yourself without flaming. In the position and predicament that you are currently in - it's not wise to flame ex staff members and vets. If you can't take advice without being hotheaded then it's just going to lead to terrible consequences and Jason's not random so I can't just watch him get slated
  2. Ok stop flaming you're staff act like it. @Jason allow it innit why even get dragged into rpkz flame no point
  3. JDRC 58 dillz you all exposed. All begged me for forgiveness. Kasheem this will be your final warning. Otherwise I will have to slaughter you and your clown lot again for stepping up to the God. XOXO GG. Also, heard during my absence you made a fake account about gossip girl rpkz (me); unfortunately I traced that person to their origins and they have been dealt with in real life.
  4. What friends? XOXO GG Name four friends you have :)?
  5. Unfortunately, I do not leak skype chats. This was sent by you; I am sure that all the people above who literally loved me destroying every bit of your ragger persona were just faking it. The roast has not started. You have 1 hour to provide me with an apology or the post after the russian man will be the largest roast and the biggest exposure of you and your arranged marriages. xoxo GG If you can't handle the heat - get out of the fucking kitchen xo.
  6. You are my slave, stop writing reports on me as I can see them. I have broke no rules :). Next exposure is on a Russian stay tuned for more :).
  7. Staff move this to flame wars, because I am going to make this thread turn into World War 3. @John @Yoobs xoxo GG
  8. #ReturnOfGG #11 - Shield of Arrav @desert ship First and foremost, I would like to apologise for the lack of stories. My friend won two tickets to Ibiza for a week and well how could I say no, I am afraid Mississippi does get boring after awhile. Anyway without further delay - tonights exposure. It has been said that divorce is a very tricky and undesirable ceremony in all cultures. But when it happens to a muslim family it is very much so much harder to deal with. So I would like to thank Omar for having the courage to Skype me and share his own story with me. So most of you know Desert Ship or C Y A to be the amazing non stop ragger with the elysian shield and gilded platelegs sporting the rune platebody. Now have you ever stopped and thought why is he ragging? Is he just autistic? Is he just diabetic? Well you’d be right if you said both of those things but the meaning of his ragging adventures goes a lot deeper than this. First we shall analyse his set up, Omar has had a troublesome family ever since his dad divorced his mother for another man which is a big no in the Qur'an 7:80-81. Now I understand i’s not ideal for Omar. Fortunately Omar makes every move on the internet with absolute caution. His gilded platelegs and female character symbolise how he is proud of his dad and feels that religion is important but everyone can be happy. I would like to say well done. I am proud of you for sticking up for your mother. Now ever since this has happened Omar, has been bullied by his peers. Please do not judge him if he decided to rag you or speaks badly of you on forums or ingame. This game is his life away from life. He has to use this game to vent his frustration and inner homosexuality towards others. Now Omar has also managed to send me via skype a few images. These images have been staffed approved as they cannot be back tracked to trace omar in anyway :). The first image shows Omar with all his friends and the second shows him giving that proud message to the haters. Even though he is slightly balding from the absolute stress that he is going through. We understand Omar. Be proud of your sexuality. I see through the forums that Omar likes to refer to one particular use @Reign Of Taylor especially a lot. Now I feel that this is for a reason. Burger Boy. The consumption of meat, placing meat in Omars mouth. I can see where this is going …. - Omar with all his friends in his hometown Palestine. - Omar not giving a fuck. Moral : Don't hate the player hate the ga(y)me. XOXO GG
  9. Make sure you visit sunny beach. xoxo GG
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