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  1. How do u have time to play roat active enough 2 notice? Lol
  2. Kihfan55


    I would say yes, the fight itself and the language in the contract was for money, but I think the show they put on proved it wasn't just a fight for money. When I see "money grab" I think of money grab I think of a predetermined result at least amongst them, and I think we could see that *probably* wasn't the case I would say Connor could have made A LOT more money in the future if he had won the fight, so for him it would make no sense
  3. Kihfan55


    @Tupac @Matt did you guys watch the same fight as everyone else? LOL If this was a "setup money grab" Floyd would've knocked him out first round (or at least at all). There's no explainable way that this was rigged/a money grab, it was a great fight at the judgement of actual boxing experts? It must be a tough pill to swallow for people who hate Floyd because you're stuck in a place where you have to explain away greatness @Tupac no one is stopping you from making your own top 5/10 list? If you think you have exceedingly larger knowledge on the sport then expound on it.. I don't think we were even arguing Floyds place in history but only an idiot would say "Floyd isn't one of the greatest boxers of all time". I beg you to say that and disqualify yourself from any opinion on the matter https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2729719-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-winner-purse-details-and-review-of-marquee-fight.amp.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/boxing/2017/08/27/conor-mcgregor-vs-floyd-mayweather-result-fight-winner-announced/
  4. Thing is u can't cry about dying to 1v1s when that's all ur team ever got was 1v1 kills ever lol how are you any different from g unit? When we fought you, you never tried to tb us also u can't say ur up on them when that's blatantly not true? There is more pics here and you both only care about kills not being good so yh, based on that g unit > ur team w/e
  5. Would be funnier to see either team make a vid on kills that aren't solo/1v1
  6. That's not even grammatically correct try again lol
  7. Kihfan55


    NOOOOO L0x... my friend
  8. Kihfan55


    Come tome , lemme clean u 1 time last
  9. Not my account, just using for infernal cape
  10. Didn't read, why would you assume anyone would believe your text autoer?
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