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  1. Leave man they dont know what school and job is leave it.
  2. Yo tupac ur cancer mother that dies irl like no joke u cancer whore child that you are only what you can do is mute me or blocking me on forums u dead ass whore child that is fked by 2 dads cancer arabic. and yoobs u suck i cleared u 2 times u prick and u couldnt had it and flamed me, you guys are shit all staffs sucking each others dick and webcamming on skype and watching their dick
  3. Man stfu cancer random, dont give me headache u jew stfu and gtfo u dog who the hell are u that u speak to me.
  4. Do you even have parents??
  5. Hello Everyarabic in the game, First of all how i want to start is About the clans in this game Gay unit sucks dick they are killing their own teammates and they were 5 people vs me and kingpakii while kingpakii dced we eacaped of them just shame. Lets go about Rot they are acting like they are from 07 but sucking dick of each other they cant even pk just bad clan. now we go into the server: every cancer player gives me headache when i come online same also to kingpakii they were flaming us while we dont do something or say something. the community is just fked in that game only arabs are playing no wonder there is 200+ players. and while we promoting this server and helping people we get flamed just no respect in the community fk this game, only what this cancer games wants is pixels and staffs thinks only for $$$$ more not or gretar when u pay gretar hes ur brother if u dont hes ur enemy no joke. now into staffs: they are more corrupted then normol players, Yoobs jailing people when he gets killed with brid or macbanning them. SUOR Is sucking dick. Amireild #1 begger. Owner is never online we cant even speak to him no wonder. Bankai daily staking, Ban daily staking. Taco man never on, Love wings never online, Nyzic never online broken game. When we say something we get muted or whatever, when arabics talks they dont like last time, me trying to help in yell people flaming me out of no where when i flame back i get mute just cancer staffs no joke they can get cancer. No1 is active no staffs they suckin each other on skype staff chat webcamming each other. only arabics getting accepted for Youtube rank or SS my friend kingpakii has 85 subs good content he doesnt get yt rank and xzrbh getting yt rank with 8 subs hes mom,nan,brothed,sister,dad subbed him, hesgoing to school letting 20 pc watching that cancer video of hes. Like we just took the whole server over me and kingpakii thats just a plessure. just saying staffs are worst players are worst you cant even communicate with people so broken people only arabics on duel there is nothing to do on that cancer server between staking. Enjoy the broken server cancer wishes, Kingpakii and Gym Life
  6. i hope u guys enjoy the video if you do please leave a like and comment down below.
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