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  1. Gym Life

    How To Get Infernal Cape > Easily

    hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha thanks brother
  2. Gym Life

    How To Get Infernal Cape > Easily

    thanks brother
  3. Hey guys, Look how u get Infernal Cape > http://prntscr.com/m3o6sd easy
  4. Gym Life

    hey keytracker

    You suck dawg, get the fuck out of my server. U wont get shit of people.
  5. Gym Life

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

    I should get the reward, im most humorous person of roatpkz.
  6. Gym Life

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

  7. Gym Life


    Your nan is a zeppelin you dumb fat kid, your whole family is a ballon who sucks each other
  8. nice potato gun spastic

  9. Gym Life


    Why do people use my name to have fame? Like i know when i post something on forums that im getting the most views and likes. Why do people use my name to trying to get the same :?
  10. Gym Life

    Formal apology to Gymlife

    Well dream further noob, come to isis lets see if if u get out safety
  11. bout to end ur forums kareer bb

    1. Fruitiest
    2. Umut


      I think Gym hacked Xex or you're just really obsessed with him.

    3. Gym Life
  12. Gym Life


    Listen dude, if you gonna start this fight. Trust me you wont win i swear post 1 more topic on me and ill start making 5 topics everyday on you
  13. Gym Life


    pls come
  14. Gym Life


    Hey everyone, Listen idiots i aint gonna tell you guys again, just shut ur mounth and hold ur ass on the chair like stop bouncing by using my name. lemme tell you guys something i dont know you all, ive never seen you guys just shut the fuck up and go sell ur ass before i call ISIS. Look those are all people who are veterans and are back in da days > http://prntscr.com/lm9ut6 Those people can speak, but you guys??? like seriously acting like you guys know something, but i swear you guys dont know nothing. Look at that picture of suor, this picture are from all Veteran players + Ex staffs. Those are people who are #1 and who is legend. So Get the fuck out of my face rats. before im gonna roast yall and perm rag you all in game. trust me you wont get rid of me. @JBLIND is witness of it. ask him how i roasted him back in da days, listen im the #1 The KING OF THIS SERVER I AM THE LEADER of this game. Now if i say something it will happen. i told them all jblind will die on forums, what happend he just got roasted by me so deeply that he didnt had words anymore. i said to you all if i dont get ss i will scam this whole community that they will quit. what happend? > i fucked everyone up. so 1 thing if u guys gonna act big > uhhh that king gym sucks etc etc or bipopulair etc. listen i fuck ur ass with a battery of an laptop, i will put that thing so deeply in your ass that you will get it out of ur mounth.
  15. Gym Life

    When you RWT and get banned

    shut up whore, what kind of bullshit ass topic is this rat. Get the fuck outta here dont give headache before ill rip your whole forum account