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  1. Nice video, i hope i can win something because all these roatpkz community are hungry and greedy for pixels. anyways nice video as again.
  2. Watch there will be army of 5 people of #KING GYMS GROUP. Watch how i take the first place :)
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha thanks brother
  4. Hey guys, Look how u get Infernal Cape > http://prntscr.com/m3o6sd easy
  5. You suck dawg, get the fuck out of my server. U wont get shit of people.
  6. I should get the reward, im most humorous person of roatpkz.
  7. Gym Life


    Your nan is a zeppelin you dumb fat kid, your whole family is a ballon who sucks each other
  8. nice potato gun spastic

  9. Gym Life


    Why do people use my name to have fame? Like i know when i post something on forums that im getting the most views and likes. Why do people use my name to trying to get the same :?
  10. Well dream further noob, come to isis lets see if if u get out safety
  11. bout to end ur forums kareer bb

    1. Fruitiest
    2. Umut


      I think Gym hacked Xex or you're just really obsessed with him.

    3. Gym Life
  12. Listen dude, if you gonna start this fight. Trust me you wont win i swear post 1 more topic on me and ill start making 5 topics everyday on you
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