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  1. Thanks man! Thanks. Well i can do nothing but hope they will
  2. Thanks lad will try! Thanks bud, i'll make sure!
  3. UNMARKED GRAPHIC STORE Hello Lads. I’m the owner of GFX company Unmarked, and have like @Fantastic decided to sell my specialty, Backgrounds. I’ve been doing logos, backgrounds, signatures for people for some time and don’t mind doing it on here as well. I like happy costumers and overall fast and smooth business so don’t mind giving your opinion on my craft. --Copy and use this Format please *Theme: (Dark, light, Blood, rain... etc) *Character(s), etc.: (Image of someone/something) *Category: (Can be anime, cartoon, certain movies, nature, etc.) *Main text/name: (This could be anything from a name to a quote) Logo: (If u want your own logo or something of that matter) *Price: (PM me through IGN: Go to bed) *Do you agree to the TaC? (Terms and conditions): (Yes/No) Terms and conditions upon buying my work: 1. Buyer agrees NOT to resell my work. 2. Buyer agrees NOT to share my work publicly without my consent. 3. Buyer agrees NOT to use my work to harm another user. --A few of the backgrounds ive done over the years.
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