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  1. Please open a support ticket in our Discord server - discord.gg/roatpkz
  2. Hey, message me on Discord and I'll sort you out. I'll be online (in-game) for the next 25 minutes from the time this message has been sent so you can PM me in-game as well.
  3. Who says I don't like you? I like you.
  4. What do you need help with? And why is this under "Guides"? /Moved.
  5. Thank you for the contructive feedback so far lads - the staff team do read all the serious feedback posts. Personally I haven't been able to put in the hours I'd like to ever since I started on my internship which unfortunately means that you'll be seeing less of me. Although I try to keep up as much as I can whenever I have some free time.
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