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  2. https://gyazo.com/bee75405af3bd8b4e56e997ce861603f I will be on Osscape from now on cya neegros edit:"Q yobloohcS" is name on osscape.
  3. lmfao excuses... https://gyazo.com/40931c002804ee0de935b905f4a1080a anotha 1
  4. u talk all this 4v1 shit and stuff but yet u pk with ur team at gorillas? l0l now trade me for ur shit back https://gyazo.com/3fe9936c4b5cb30c3a5a401e2090549d
  5. tanked ur "team" at gorillas on 5 brews lmfao ur irrelevant...
  6. ikr but he lied on yell! im fuckfifngfdjg sdfgoiusdghbrdsgousibfdg mad!
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