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  1. i spec'd ur robes both times, u spec my tank, just goes to show your "Skill"
  2. lol, i'll do a no spec weapon outlast dm arcane vs him if he'd only do it.
  3. true, but jblind can u come ::duel lemme show u the bug"?
  4. ban the scum off this server please, thanks.
  5. we fought for an hour and 30 minutes both being 110hp no way it could come down to anything else
  6. are you aware of the equiptment issue? I staked a guy recently who scammed plate on, wielded it before the stake and flickered the option on. I went on an alt to challenge him and anti scam him with a better plate (hidden in my inv) but wasn't able to equipt it due to dds/whip rules (even tho plates enabled) Should make equiptment rules override dds/whip option Because he's getting around it by wielding before the duel.
  7. good to know, thanks. and yeah it's unnecessary just think jad alone is getting boring and needs something to change it.
  8. tb has no immunity, so you can just tb instantly the second they're untbed which is unrealistic. and yeah just a step off the lever
  9. Wilderness activity/Bugs Entangle/Teleblock Immunity: Entangle - We all know this is fucked, there's literally 0 immunity after being entangled to where you can't be frozen again making it able for players to infinitely freeze you. This is a bug that needs to be addressed. Add a 1tick immunity to entangle freeze or lower accuracy of entangle/bind Teleblock - has the same issue, runescape has a massive immunity for the teleblock timer, add something small like a 30second window where after being unteleblocked you can't be tbed. Pros: Realistic pking experience/Less new players who aren't aware of the bug abusing being glitched for items. Cons: Current abusers of these bugs will cry. Mage bank - Make mining hill rocks minable for pkp, how much is up to you no skill level required/any amount pkp you feel is suitable. Pros: Wilderness activity, skillers in the wilderness, shit pkers kill skillers, better pkers kill the shit pkers and so on. Cons: Having to code a skill/possible pkp inflation People claiming the pkp to not lose on death (would have to code it to be non claimable in wild) Npc's: Add npc's closer to mage bank and east dragons that drop minimal items. Similar to gorillas at graves even if its just barrows brothers. Pros: Activity, gives new players incentive to actually work for pkp rather than just quitting instantly when things are too hard. Cons: Players using them to box away teleblocks. Spawn kits/Donators - We all know being able to die and respawn your setup instantly is an issue for those who decide to abuse it to rag return, solution is obvious and not sure why this isn't implemented to begin with. Respawn kit timer, after dying you have to wait x amount of time to respawn your setup. Pros: Less ragging, Less bullshit, Less players quitting over being ragged BONUS SUGGESTION: Can waiver the timer for super donators extra donator perk Cons: Rsps kids will cry Mage bank lever: Have lever teleport location spawn off the lever by 1 coordinate, being able to lever out spec kids and lever back in is annoying during team fights and people will say "Well rs has it this way" this is a private server, where you can get spec back instantly. Something need to be implemented to alleviate some of the annoyance of that. Pros: Less ragging at mage bank during team fights. More kill potential which will in theory equal more solo pkers. Cons: Discuss.. Kbd Ladder: I'm sure we've all fallen victim to the ladder glitch at one point or another.. and it's obvious the owner cannot fix it with ease or he would have by now. My suggestion is to remove the spiderpit as a whole and change the object id for the ladder to a lever that'll take you instantly inside of the kbd laid if not teleblocked. Pros: Less people dying to gliches, Less new players finding flaws in the server and quitting, More realistic team pking experience, Less [email protected] email complaints requesting refunds. Cons: Unrealistic escape route, Having to change one coordinate/one object id oh nooo Jad alternate: We can all see that the only real time the wilderness is 100% active is once per hour at jad, this is a problem. Suggestion: a more simple version of jad (could use lunar boss, or something similar) that drops far less/has less hp and spawns at completely different locations than jad but spawns every 25minutes in intervals that won't match up with jad Location suggestions: EOH (east of mage bank hut) promotes single activity and multi Feel free to post other location suggestions, i'll add them. Pros: More wilderness activity outside of just jad spawn times, New way to implement some new items (dragon kits?/cosmetics?) Cons: Item inflation JAD MYSTERY BOX: Add jads drop table to a mystery box that's tradable with low pkp protect value Example: Jad drops mystery box, player decides to sell box to non jad killer for 5-10k rather than take a risk of only making 800 pkp off a malward. Player also risks the mystery box if teleblocked or killed while 4iteming. Pros: More incentive for new players to kill jad, More possibly money gain for new players off of jad, new way for gamblers and stupidly rich people to waste $ Cons: ... not too sure? Same concept as current jad, just a new twist. Gambler npc: ALOT of servers had this, especially ones where the cash eco was inflated. Suggestion is to add something similar an npc you can throw pkp at with a chance to double your pkp, make the odds fucked like 25/70 chance or 40/60 and it'll help clean the eco.
  10. I haven't really even been posting my kills/clips because i'm saving them for a vid but this guy and his multi team decided to flame me over yell for dying for a multi set to them, like literally a multi set then we sessioned at brid.
  11. I mean, come ::Brid anytime pal
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