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  1. not triggered , ur just an irrelevant random who thinks hes some1
  2. First off , ur not good u got slapped by rl members and manhandled , then u claim ur some hot shit when ur signature is u killing some downy fuck who thinks hes good? lmfao ur a nobody and its gunna stay like that
  3. Sad scumbag wont even refund me because he knows thats only way im gunna die
  4. Understandable have a nice day yah probs LMFAO, still new to this tbh I knew they were pking and were at ::gorillas so I decided to tele up to see what their focusing was like only good pker there is smackd
  5. I teled in to gorillas , knowing they were there for a quick tank test , only pulled up recorder once I was at graves , didn't wanna risk dying to a bs spec while opening recorder ty
  6. Thanks man ty ( not gunna pretend ik who arun is ) ty ty thanks man tyy tyyy Shame nobody asked for ur irrelevant opinion
  7. Quality will be fixed for next vid , didnt realise I was recording in such low bitrate
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