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  1. Jofreh


    The fact is if fanta (admin) tells there will be only removed 400k of ur bank and then I log in and see account is totally empty that shit hurts, so I just paid godamned 78m for a unban? You guys are just lying and scamming people, if you guys say something be a man and say on your words Now I see why people say shittest staff team, shittest owner etc....there is a reason tho , now I see why lmfao
  2. Jofreh


    Go fuck off, dont talk shit please
  3. Jofreh


    Hello Roatpkz, Ima keep it short, i'm playing this game since 2015 RoatPkz. Like about a month ago I started buying gp from other people for 07 money, so I bought ingame roat and paid them rsgp. I've had an account with about 386k pkp and an angel cape on it and went afk had to eat dinner, when I came back to log-in, I saw i've been mac-banned. I connected @Fantastic and he told me I had to pay 78m 07 rsgp b4 I get unban. And the amount (rwt) I bought would be removed. So i had more than 400K and I agreed to it, ( I would keep like about 80-100k). I bought rsgp irl and paid @Fantastic 78m 07 for un-mac. After that i've got unmacced and logged-in and saw only 4k on it........ Like for real sersiouly lying and scamming people so easily.
  4. Jofreh

    150k PKP Giveaway

    Ok By this one I choose 9. jofreh
  5. Jofreh

    150k PKP Giveaway

    ign : jofreh number ; 21
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