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  1. Jofreh


    This is very strange and no this didn't happend when I tried to log-in to my macbanned accounts. One staff-member did this for sure, as I've said to Rag bot aswell ( I hope this wont bring an issue if i'm out of jail and my 2 other mains are still 'mac banned' that if a staff checks me and sees and thinks ive unmacced myself... Pmed you
  2. Jofreh


    Hi, I've was been macced for a year and few days ago i've pmed "Jordan" on discord and asked if he could look into it and maybe unmac me. So he did and unmacced my account named " Kill2kill " , but I had to mine 800 ore's and it took me few days to do it. about 2 hours ago i've mined those 800 ore's and got out of jail and was enjoying my free account. So I went staking with the vote points i've voted for and few minutes later i've been macced again for NO Reason. @Jordan I've got also 2 other accounts named Jofreh & King mahan. They're also banned for a reason but i've earned my unban(mac) so there was no sense to mac me again for literally no reason? (ask Rag Bot V1) I've asked him literally " i'm a free man if I get out jail by mining those ore's? and he said yes. So why you guys just randomly maccing me?
  3. Jofreh


    The fact is if fanta (admin) tells there will be only removed 400k of ur bank and then I log in and see account is totally empty that shit hurts, so I just paid godamned 78m for a unban? You guys are just lying and scamming people, if you guys say something be a man and say on your words Now I see why people say shittest staff team, shittest owner etc....there is a reason tho , now I see why lmfao
  4. Jofreh


    Go fuck off, dont talk shit please
  5. Jofreh


    Hello Roatpkz, Ima keep it short, i'm playing this game since 2015 RoatPkz. Like about a month ago I started buying gp from other people for 07 money, so I bought ingame roat and paid them rsgp. I've had an account with about 386k pkp and an angel cape on it and went afk had to eat dinner, when I came back to log-in, I saw i've been mac-banned. I connected @Fantastic and he told me I had to pay 78m 07 rsgp b4 I get unban. And the amount (rwt) I bought would be removed. So i had more than 400K and I agreed to it, ( I would keep like about 80-100k). I bought rsgp irl and paid @Fantastic 78m 07 for un-mac. After that i've got unmacced and logged-in and saw only 4k on it........ Like for real sersiouly lying and scamming people so easily.
  6. Ok By this one I choose 9. jofreh
  7. ign : jofreh number ; 21
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