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  1. Looks like I apparently made him rage quit. Got 13k off him, full bandos, prims, serp, torture, ags Heart beat a little fast seeing all that shit on the floor and having someone trying to mage me lol. This was probably one of my biggest kills playing yet so I felt like I wanted to put this up here. Dude even begged for his shit back kek
  2. The one that stands out to me the most is the Bounty Hunter idea. You are right, nobody goes for tiers past level 4 wildy, and the teams never opt out of BH in deep wildy.
  3. I wouldn't say that we didn't die a fucking lot lmao. It wasn't even really rushing, its just x2 speccing out with dclaws in mid fight. Or pjing. Pretty damn hard to do tbh but funny as hell.
  4. So tonight Slayer Nh and I decided to dress up in chicken costumes and go rush people. Here are a few of the kills that I got and a couple he pj'd. This was real fun to do, enjoy
  5. Was great, Thanks to MessyMatt for giveaway, a lot of ass was ate tonight.
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