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Found 8 results

  1. Potions Make Super Ranging pots Make Super magic pots work For either of these, possibly add a PK cost to buy - making them better than normal ranging potions (sold in ::shop) Allow use of HP-Damaging Items Make the Dwarven Rock Cake or Nitroglycerin/Chemical Compound work to lower hp Also for the Zamorak Brew to work (Decrease defence + damages player) Unskull command (yes I'm lazy) Make ::unskull a command (only access outside of wilderness) possibly for donators+ only Tournaments Allow tournaments to be based on different time zones, or shorten the times they occur, possibly lower rewards but have them every hour or so for example, a tournament every hour but instead of a high reward, cut the reward in half. Spec Restore Donators should have lower spec restore as 7 minutes is a long ass wait after a 3 minute fight, normally a risk fight. It's kind of annoying, saying that you can easily go to funpk for a free spec restore. TzTok-Jad & Skotizo Allow for Skotizo and Jad to drop a small amount of PKP for everyone who attended the kill (10-100 PKP) Keep unique droprates the same Make ::poke A THING AGAIN > GRETAR < Ring of Flying - YES I STILL WANT THIS. The ring of flying is currently only 100 PKP and is rarely bought or sold. You could get more players to buy the ring of flying by allowing a better look to it, for example: You can add a staff (Such as a Staff of the Dead, Trident or even Staff of Air) to the ring, to be able to wear a staff while flying The staff would no longer have its magic bonuses and players would have to pay an extra 1-5K pkp in order to bind the staff to the ring, making a money sink while making the ring of flying a cooler item to have. This is only an example, there are probably plenty better ways to do it but that's the way I've thought of it. Oh and still ban @Alkosor - Cheers! youtube.com/c/LokiWoof
  2. Make Slayer a skill again! This could help boost activity in PvM places like ::easts and ::wests to kill green dragons and open up the entire map for people to pvm in. This could help to introduce new players into a different way of gaining some fast PKP while not being too overpowered. For example to make it easy, you could place all monsters in the wildy, so teams would have to to a more varied amounts of places. If slayer was reintroduced as it used to be, you could add a safe place for donators or super donators to enter, being a slayer cave of some sort, giving more things for donators to do on the useless dzone Ring of Flying The ring of flying is currently only 100 PKP and is rarely bought or sold. You could get more players to buy the ring of flying by allowing a better look to it, for example: You can add a staff (Such as a Staff of the Dead, Trident or even Staff of Air) to the ring, to be able to wear a staff while flying The staff would no longer have its magic bonuses and players would have to pay an extra 1-5K pkp in order to bind the staff to the ring, making a money sink while making the ring of flying a cooler item to have. This is only an example, there are probably plenty better ways to do it but that's the way I've thought of it. Teleport to the Chaos Elemental Unless there is a unknown teleport I don't know of, there should be a ::chaosele command or ::cele command allowing the player to teleport right here https://gyazo.com/cbffff5d98e61f0b531a94c6a810de28 The Mage Arena & Imbued Mages' Capes Make the mage arena multi but only to players, to allow PKing at the mage arena, as you can sit there for over 40 hours without being touched by a player. Also, force the player to buy the crystal before having to kill the demons, otherwise it is way to easy to get the capes. Make the Max Cape (1K Kills) viable to use You should make the max cape viable to use, making it slightly better than the donator cape and worse than the infernal cape, only by maybe +1 strength and the same stats as donator cape as we've all gotten to the grind of 1K kills and then been highly disappointed to find we'll never use the cape because it's useless, and doesn't even look good. Fix the graphics on the Deadly Slayer Cape The wings go through the slayer cape, making it look really unprofessional and bad. Also, the cape doesn't even work like a cape and more of a wooden board. Price-check guide Make the ::prices updated more often, possibly ran by a staff member who is reliable, or a player who is reliable. Edgeville Targets Allow Edgeville pkers to at least be able to toggle targets above 1-4 wilderness on and off, since nobody tier pks above level 5. Or force every pker in level 1-4 wilderness to get ONLY pkers in 1-4 wilderness. Either all of that, which is probably the most preferable method or create a "tele-to" bounty hunter teleport to teleport to your target. Above all, you should NEVER get a target who is already in a fight. All of these are extremely frustrating after skipping 7 targets in deep wildy and having to wait half an hour to have to skip another 7, wasting our times when we could be pking. Buff the Abyssal Dagger spec Make the abby dagger spec more viable by either taking it to a 35% spec decrease or making it more accurate with a strength bonus, currently it is rather weak (Making video on it) Add the Daggonoth King's Add the kings and remove the DWH from the Chaos Elemental's drop table, replacing the DWH with the abyssal bludgeon and dagger - making the dagger and bludgeon easier to get and allowing more people to buy, sell and use it. More pets will be also in the game if you can add the kings. Ring of Wealth and Ring of Wealth (Lucky) Make a ring of wealth with (X) amounts of uses, with a small - (as in 1-5%) increase With the ring of wealth (lucky) make the (lucky) version have infinite number of uses and have double the percentage increase of the ring of wealth. To get the ring of wealth, make it 200 bhp per ring in order to get the ring of wealth lucky, make it 1x Ring of Wealth/Ring of Suffering + 5K PKP/BHP or 2.5K-5K Mage Arena Points Making it mage arena points, will help players who want to grind for an item have a good chance of success Making it a Ring of Suffering will help increase the prices of the currently useless ring of suffering. Allow both of the rings to be tradable. (The ROWL will obviously be a higher price than the ROW) Pricechecker - By Fantastic Cx A pricechecker system that allows you to search an item, and view the recent trades that has been made, with the item. Ex. Search - "Armadyl Godsword" and it would show a list of trades with each person's offer. This could be useful to estimate an Item's value, instead of having to ask around every time. Duel Arena - by Alinoor102 To stop scams occurring so often, delay the "accept" so players are forced to look over the rules before heading into the duel arena (5 second delay will help immensely!) Light Ballista Remove it or buff it, honestly. It's too frustrating getting 2 of them at demonics. Stake Tournament - Twumble 100% luck tournament No food, nothing. Normal whip/dds staking rules only. Normal tournament payouts Benefits - Fast and little skill involved, allows anyone to get the reward in the end if they're lucky enough Cons - Free pkp but that can be fixed by involving a 100 PKP payment into it (as if it were the lottery) All pkp is added up and put into a pot at the end, luckiest player wins. "Fix lag" - Watagwan Sometimes, when you click food, potion or attempt to one tick or swap items. It doesn't eat or swap. Please fix. Ava's Assembler - Superdrol Add an Ava's Assembler, dropped by a hard multi boss, for example dropped by Jad or by Skotizo or to be dropped rare on the dzone island - again, allows more people to be using the dzone and more people to want to donate/buy the donate ticket. Should have the same stats as OSRS Fix Ranging on Pures - SharkEater35 The bolt paths infront of the enemy visually instead of on him Accuracy is strange while PK'ing on a pure. Too many 0's and lower hits vs 1 Defence Pures. Character Symbols Make the "<" and "/" usable ingame... <3 Toxic Blowpipe - Mmn Toxic Blowpipe with Zulrah boss added, for yet another pet and another way to get the Serpentine Visage. Dropparty Room - Keven Move, or add another party room to be the Falador Party room, allowing putting into a chest and dropping through balloons, this used to be really fun back in the old times. Bank Updates - Sa1nt Being able to press "ESC" on your keyboard to quit easily and fast out of the bank Having a placeholder for the bank and also bank tabs would allow for banks to look nicer and easier to use Server Economy Wipe - Sa1nt Allow new players to get some bank with the old ones again! A server economy wipe (At least hold a vote to wipe the server, 2 players own eco) GE-Like place - Big Og Daddy A GE-Like place, or "trading post" where you can search for an item and check its lowest price sold by a user and is able to sell overnight Possibly some kind of VAT on items after buying, making a small PKP sink ALONG WITH THIS Fantastic Cx - A price checker system that allows you to search an item and view the recent trades that has been made for that item. E.G - Search - "Armadyl Godsword" and it would show you a list of trades with each persons offer. This could be used to find an estimate of an item's value, instead of bothering staff and asking yell, reducing spam, etc. PJ and Veng timers in fights - Nateyboe Adding a PJ timer after you kill a player prevents annoying after-kill rushes at edgeville so often Vengeance timers at the bottom right of your screen telling you how many seconds you have left until you can veng again Gate Spamming - Ihyn Gate spamming is really annoying, not enabling the player to walk past when someone is spamming the gate, preventing them to pass through. It should not be this bad. 1K Kill Zone - Swagcat A 1k+ kill zone for players with above 1K kills to go, it could be like the dzone without the monsters or a pking zone, etc. purely for 1k + kils Morrigan's Javelins - Twumble Like the dragon thrownaxes, to be bought 25-50 bhp each, a good spec and a good main weapon for range users Alksor - Everyone on Roat PKZ Remove him from the staff team immediately. He's useless. (This is a joke, please don't actually remove him) ps. if you do, pm me immediately so I can laugh at him. pss. thanks. -------------------------------------------------- All other player suggestions have been credited, but their ideas have been manipulated by me to the way I thought of them, I apologise if you meant something else, but if you need me to edit something, I will immediately! Put down below if anything should be edited, removed and why - I'd love to see your opinions! youtube.com/c/LokiWoof
  3. please keep in mind these are just ideas i have thought of myself, please feel free to add or take away anything i suggest. Update ideas: Godwars: How to get there would be through the wilderness via agility short cut in level 32 wilderness , upon climbing the ledge brings you into the godwars dungeon. https://imgur.com/2OSsWgk You cant teleport out once you are inside , you have to get killcount like normal. when you decide to leave you can use the boss rooms altar to teleport out back to wilderness but when you teleport it gives you an automatic skull , you would have to tank a couple wildy levels with what ever gear you have and loot you have acquired for high risk high reward. add bosses to wilderness slayer aswell ? bosses should drop hilts and god shard pieces. ELO Risk zone: Pretty simple, pretty much copy and paste the risk zone we have now. Replace the doors from Risking X amount to , Top 50% , 30%, 20%, 10%. https://imgur.com/wvD9Q1G Pet Box: just a cosmetic update i had in mind , i personally don't see skilling coming to the game. i would like to see this put into the vote shop for a pretty fair price, and the only pets you can acquire from the box would be skilling pets only. https://imgur.com/6vTkJ2U i would like to see opening the boxes would you receive one at random, but i wouldn't know how complex that would be to make seeing you can only have only 1 pet at a time?, (not sure about that). Revenants update: https://imgur.com/lTf00zl me personally do not like the revenant drop table at all, and i don't think i am alone its emtey 80% of the time . Change to PVP Armour, prices of the Armour should be dropped 50% and the drop rate of the armour should be go up about 30-40%. Vesta long sword should stay 1 out of 1K, but should also add vesta chain and skirt aswell at 1 out of 1,500k-3k. Also ether should be a based drop of 4-20 , cant stand getting nothing but a 1 ether drop revs should be best money in game like osrs. Dragon chains/legs also should also have its drop rate changes to 1-11 but only drop a max of 25 at a time. i would like to see other items dropped from their table aswell. -Barrows pieces 1-5 noted -amulet of fury 1-5 noted (maybe be 25-50 pkp ea, can buy/sell pkp shop) -Dragon Boots 1-5 noted (maybe 10-20 pkp ea, buy/sell pkp shop) -dragon throwing axes or tier 1s (either one works i guess, only 1 tier 1 at a time) -Maybe throw rings noted in there aswell could are less about that. -Dragon spear rare drop rate, along with working spec. -Zulrah scales 1-20 -Statius Warhammer ? -Morrgains throwing axes ? special attack has a bleeding affect witch is pretty cool, or it was the javs cant remember. Salve Amulet (ei) i would like to see this item working in game as its super effective to kill revs with , i would put it in the bounty shop for 25-50k. would make a decent sink , players would want to always have one to rebuild. Revenant Box (Donation): i would like to see something like this on the donation page, being a box that you can received one of anything from the rev loot table. (pvp gear only?) Revenant Huge box: Same thing but gives u 9 items at random. Items i would like to see fixed: Antifires and extended antifires need to work for pvp and pvm. Full Guthans Set effect please , for slayer and other pvm what do you think @Gretar
  4. As what I suggested for came true before shortly after my suggestion (abby dagger), It would be cool to fire surge a 45 for a combo. I mean sure it'll change the game/nhing/rushing ect but In a good fun way The only thing id regret about it is the rise in tbers. Also id like to add BRING SOL BACK! it was a cool ass staff before and it still is! The buff to Sara strike with added smite just made it that more awesome. I highly recommend they come into-game but this is just my opinion. Monk robes (g), Dragon (g ) & ranger should also be in-game :-) P.s - when you ::getid mask, loads of masks unknown to the game isn't added along with capes, they should be in-game too.
  5. I'd desperately like to plead an abbysal dagger with working spec, blowpipe, fire surge, bludgeon ect. The more weapons/spells to combo with the more fun! But hey t's just a crazy suggestion that'll very unlikely be seen too
  6. No intention of stealing ideas; some ideas from @Smackd This was posted in donator benefits sections however i thought i'd move it to here. Although most of these ideas have already been mentioned by others and myself. Here they have some donator benefit twists to them. • donators should have the ability to sell pkp items and vote store back for a higher % than regular players. • more pvm like gwd and kbd mentioned @Bind U Dead but also - Callisto - zurlrah etc. • Add kraken to lava maze and have it spawn in the lava - drop tent, trident and other basic pkp items. -possible spawns for Kraken: • ::chaos teleport for elder chaos durids which would drop elder robes which would be best in slot robes for 1 defence pures. • (questionable) donators can withdraw their titles from title store into tickets and can sell to other players. • either make donator capes max capes or add max capes so that you have to achieve them. • add clue scrolls as a randomised drop in pvp which will lead you to a spot in Wildy where you can either dig or just read the clue scroll to receive a reward or a casket. Donators would have a higher chance of getting this drop as a better %. The higher the Wildy lvl given by the clue the higher chance for a better reward. (Droprate similar to mysterious emblem that of OSRS). (can customize our own clue scrolls of course as being a RSPS) • loots from clue scrolls would be all outstanding ornament kits for infinity and all dragons peices etc & can add a new rare drop table for items such as 3rd age cloak, pick axe and any other rare items people would like. Image Name Mithril trimmed armour Mithril gold-trimmed armour Adamant trimmed armour Adamant gold-trimmed armour Ranger boots Holy sandals Wizard boots Headbands (Black, Red, Brown, Pink, Green, Blue, White, Gold) Boaters (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, White) Trimmed green dragonhide armour Gold-trimmed green dragonhide armour Adamant heraldic armour (h1 to h5) Black/white elegant clothing Purple elegant clothing Pink elegant clothing Gold elegant clothing Amulet of strength (t) Adamant cane Vestment mitres and cloaks (Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Zaros, Bandos, and Armadyl) Vestment stoles and croziers (Ancient, Armadyl, and Bandos) Cat mask Penguin mask Gnomish firelighter Crier hat Crier bell Crier coat Leprechaun hat Black leprechaun hat Black unicorn mask White unicorn mask Great Kourend house banners Cabbage round shield Clueless scroll Image Name Rune trimmed armour Rune gold-trimmed armour Guthix rune armour Saradomin rune armour Zamorak rune armour Ancient rune armour Bandos rune armour Armadyl rune armour Gilded armour Rune heraldic armour (H1 to H5) Blue d'hide trimmed armour Blue d'hide gold-trimmed armour Red d'hide trimmed armour Red d'hide gold-trimmed armour Enchanted robes Robin hood hat Cavaliers Pirate's hat Third-age melee armour Third-age ranger armour Third-age mage armour Amulet of glory (t) Guthix blessed d'hide armour Saradomin blessed d'hide armour Zamorak blessed d'hide armour Armadyl blessed d'hide armour Ancient blessed d'hide armour Bandos blessed d'hide armour Blessed boots Vestment stoles and croziers (Guthix, Saradomin, and Zamorak) Chromatic dragon masks Pith helmet Explorer backpack Rune cane Zombie head Cyclops head Nunchaku Image Name Ornament kits 3rd age tools (along with all other 3rd age items) Demon masks Great Kourend house hoods Samurai armour Mummy outfit Ankou outfit Robes of darkness Ring of coins Left eye patch Obsidian cape (r) Fancy tiara Half moon spectacles Ale of the gods Bucket helm (g) Bowl wig Bloodhound Image Name Dragon ornament kits Infinity colour kits Fury ornament kit Musketeer outfit Dragon cane Briefcase Sagacious spectacles Gilded boots/Gilded scimitar (along with other gilded equipment) Top hat Monocle Big pirate hat Deerstalker Metal dragon masks Lava dragon mask Black d'hide trimmed armour Black d'hide gold-trimmed armour Rangers' tunic 3rd age cloak/Third-age weapons (along with all other 3rd age items) Afro Katana Royal set Great Kourend house scarves Blacksmith's helm Bucket helm Ranger gloves Holy wraps Ring of nature Dark tuxedo outfit Light tuxedo outfit Heavy casket • have stated in one of my previous topics - HNS over ::yell for all players which will give hints of where to either search or dig at a certain spot (SERVER HNS) -> how it can be linked for donator benefits is that for regular players there can be a delay for the message, donators get just a bit earlier and super donators first. the spot to either search a set of drawers:p or chest or dig in a spot would be difficult to not make the delay over ::yell that overpowered. This may be far fetched however could be cool. (CAN BE IN WILDY & NOT, for people who are scared of the wildy @Taco Man. have this dropped as a random drop from pvp, if you don't know the strange device uses a hot & cold system to locate the treasure the loot would be in wildy hopefully making it more active. and the loot can be anything from abve? Hints could relate to osrs locations or for roat pkz custom teleports. • also would people like to see ::dzone move from that annoying small island to say the slayer tower for example and similar to that of @Pedro's idea like a dungeon but the other way around and have the 3 floors; 1st and 2nd for donators and the top floor for supers. Bosses on each floor can be negotiable as well as the drops available. • add ::ffa (free for all) to fight pits •add ::ge for a place to people to buy and sell and atm we don't really have a place for this other than ::cw / ::chill. This will allow @Requiem Af to merch professionally. • add magic fang to Jads droptable. • Make it so that in ::risk you're able to wield dragon war hammer, torture tent prims etc in the 5k+ portal as it would not let me before. basic prices need to be attached to these items so you can get into these portals. Add flames of Zamorak for Tsotd - Robert. * Add Ava's max cape to KBD's drop table? replace pkers cape with regular max cape. make it so that you can get ardy cape in the new store but you need the ardy cape 4 in inventory to buy it.
  7. These will be in-game suggestions that i've thought of, some may have been thought of before. No intention of stealing other peoples ideas. Daily Challenges: I think that players need to be rewarded more for there efforts pking, and more challenges to aim for; other than achieving 1k kills. Some daily challenges could be: Get 10 kills each under 2mins. 20 kills in 24hrs, or like 50. Kill someone when you're under 10hp for e.g. Obviously this can be abused too boost pkp so a system would be needed to ensure it's all legit. Rewards would be a sum of pkp; can be negotiable. Max Capes: Max capes i think should be added. They can only be obtained by someone who has achieved 2.5k+, or 5k+ kills. The max cape would be given to the player as a notification when they reach the target amount. To purchase multiple max capes would cost a pkp fee. WILL BE UNTRADEBLE.(kept on death) Stats are negotiable. You will be able to use the max cape on: Fire cape, which creates a Fire max cape Ava's accumulator, which creates Ava's max cape Saradomin cape, which creates a Saradomin max cape Guthix cape, which creates a Guthix max cape Zamorak cape, which creates a Zamorak max cape Ardougne cloak 4, which creates an Ardougne max cape A max cape could be put in that when you use a pkers cape on it it will change. Titles: Here you should have the option to withdraw the title into a ticket form, so you can sell it to other players. Can also be sold back to store for a fraction of the cost. E.g, 60% pkpt back from pkp titles, 60% back of votes spent on vote titles and 60% back from donator point titles. AM AWARE SOMEONE ELSE THOUGHT OF THIS. PVM/Droprates: WE all know that donator island doesn't quite cut it when it comes to donator benefits. So we either need buffed drop rates or just more npc's to kill. Could be KDB, Zulrah or even Skotizo/Chaos Fanatic/Callisto etc. With this could bring new items :): WE NEED MORE WAYS TO GET ITEMS, TRY AND BUY A TSOD OR MAGIC FANG CAN TAKE 2 HOURS. Scales: Tbh wouldn't it just be better if we didn't have to bother with buying scales and serp and toxic staff of the dead had scales built into them. Placeholders & bank tabs: Would be nice to have in my opinion, not a necessity. Master Zone: LMS (Last man standing) How long as this been 'under construction'?; At the moment there's no use for it but what could be put in place is LMS, Last man standing. Would be hard to code n shit probs idek but is a thought. Also will keep players playing to get the 1k kills to play LMS. Buffed PVM: This could include, upgraded chaos ele for example or upgraded Donar island npc's. Poles: In my opinion, We need a re poll for Morrigans, Zuriel's, Statius's & Vestas to be removed. Maybe vestas can stay coz of huge packages (::Donate). Makes server look un-tidy? As we should move over to osrs based. To remove the above^ (alot of players think this) remove donator capes Add pets which can be obtained via ::Donate or in-game progress Godwars: Although we are a mainly a pking server, i see alot of people join and say 'where are the bosses'. So it would be nice to see Godwars added which has been suggested in Bind U Dead's topic. Location could either be ::gws or put it at ::zamp2 since all that space is wasted. Elite Void: Elite void should be added, i recommend not putting it in the vote store and make it so that after you get a certain amount of kills with the regular void it then upgrades itself; or use pkpt to upgrade it. Notification board: Just a small thing, but when new players join or when old players join back they're like what's this, what's that.' Wow so much has changed', then you have to explain it all to them. What they could do is just add a notification board in edge with all the new updates, Or simply an icon on the client which can update the player. New items: Ballista Toxic blowpipe Cosmetic for dark bows Abyssal Dagger Elder Chaos Robes Zenyte jewelry Mystery Chest: This is simply an idea that in the wilderness a 'mystery chest' will spawn randomly. The way to locate the chest could be to have: A clue scroll with arrows as directions A wilderness lvl can be provided Hints on the location as in osrs clue scrolls TO ADD - The longer it's in the wilderness the worse the chances of the rewards gets to encourage players to find it ASAP and hopefully slay some noobs along the way. LINKS TO MY PREVIOUS IN-GAME SUGGESTION THREADS: REMINDER: HAVE NOT INTENTION OF STEALING IDEAS. COMMENT
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