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  1. hopefull it brings more players to playerbase. good shit, and 1.5b giveaway you're the man.
  2. Just to clear this up, I do not and nor have I ever used an ahk. Jalon105 is obsessed with me and I killed him on his alt accounts for his bank so he's that upset he's following me around riskzone claiming I use an ahk. but I'm just clearing it up that I don't and as for the next person he gets obsessed with good luck. kids a wieeeeeeeeerdo
  3. the timers would help both, the person attacking and defending so I don't see the problem with it lmfao
  4. A venge timer in bottom corner of screen, would be ideal though. and you get 4k pkp for vesta when you kill someone now that's not good.
  5. Ingame update poll, updates that need to happen, rookie post would like to know how everyone feels about this though? as It would stop complaints/will bring more players?
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